2020 Audi A4 Specs, Interior, Price

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2020 Audi A4 –  Even though we already lightly updated the a for just last year, they’re already bringing it under the knife again for 2020. This time not only for some styling revisions in the front but for a whole refresh of both on the outside inside. In regards to technology!

2020 Audi A4

2020 Audi A4

What You Have To Get From 2020 Audi A4

2020 Audi A4 Exterior

With more new competition than ever before, let’s go ahead and see if this refreshed 2020 Audi A4 remains one of the segment’s top products. Now before we begin here, I want to go ahead and kind of preface that This vehicle has shown up early. Audi doesn’t have any information available for the US market.

This is kind of all we know right now, but just getting into the styling as you can see obvious things have changed for 2020. The big update here is going to be the new single-frame grille. Now unlike the European model in the US.

We’ve got the standard “S” line, so that gives us the sporty our grille. So, you’ll notice kind of the honeycomb black mesh fascia here with a little mustache accent. It just makes it look significantly different than the outgoing model.

Now, as far as your headlights, they have also changed significantly as well. Now, this is the premium model. This is the base trim level, and you notice that even on this model. We have standard LEDs, and then the higher-end models are going to have like a more elaborate matrix design. And then down at the bottom here. You’ve got your broad silver accent as well as your safety system sensors, and then they’ll likely still be a black optic package available.

If you want a sportier option now coming down here to the wheels, we don’t know exactly what kind of configurations 2020 Audi A4 is going to offer this year. However, we can talk about these premium wheels on this model, a fan of this design.

This looks like the Audi S4, and as we said, this is a very based model. It is 18 inches, and you can go up from there. Now, as far as the mirrors, you do have standard heating, then you have blind-spot monitoring.

2020 Audi A4 Interior

As you can see, there are pretty substantial changes to the details. Even though the main aspects of the design stay relatively the same. Now, as we’ve already mentioned, we do have incomplete information on this model. However, it is pretty safe to assume you’ll have about the same number of color options and material options as last year.

It does mean you’ll continue to have standard real leather seating available in black brown, beige, or gray, and then you’ll have several different interior wood choices that you can pick between. Now to start up, therefore, press the button. Now when you power it on, you will notice how Audi’s virtual cockpit system on most of the models.

2020 Audi A4 Interior

2020 Audi A4 Interior

This is the first outing we have ever been in that doesn’t have the virtual cockpit, so in case you’re ever wondering what the standard version looks like. This is it. You’ve got your analog gauges, and then you have a roughly five-inch display in the middle. It does still have plenty of information there. You can scroll through some relatively basic stuff. But you won’t have anything fancy like your Google Maps or anything like that.

Of course, on the prestige level, you would also have a head-up display and then coming back to the steering wheel. This is your typical 2020 Audi A4 steering wheel the same as last year. This here is larger than it was last year, and you do find one USB port.

This takes up the same spot that used to be for the MMI controller since we’ve now gone to a touchscreen. That is just a minute. You continue to have your two cupholders and then another spot up here with your second USB port and a 12-volt outlet.

2020 Audi A4 Specs

It’s the 2-liter TFSI 45 engine. If the specs carry over from last year, we’ll be looking at 248 horsepower and 273 pound-feet of torque. And those are very good numbers for this class, and you can feel that when you accelerate.

Now, if you remembered last year, there was an ultra-model that comes with front-wheel drive, and that was at less than 200 horsepower. But what most people buy is the one with Quattro. We don’t have this powertrain set up here and if you’re looking for the performance difference between the ultra and this. You’re looking at 7.1 seconds zero to 60 on the ultra-model and then if you go for the 45, which is what this is like 5.6 seconds 0 to 60, which is a whole number.

This is a very stout power train set up. Just like it was in previous years. This 2-liter turbo is potent. It’s firm through the power band and the 2-liter engines as good as the Germans. It’s very smooth and refined in its power delivery. Especially when paired with a dual-clutch, which is what we have here is 7-speed dual-clutch automatic.

2020 Audi A4 Price

2020 Audi A4 Price

And the last thing that we do want to talk about here is the fuel economy. So you’re going to have a pretty good fuel economy for its class. So, if you go for the ultra-model with front-wheel drive, that’s going to come in at 27 City, 35 highway, 30 combined. Which is quite an excellent fuel economy, and then you have this monitor, which is the Quattro. That’s going to come in a little bit less than that at 24 City, 32 highway, 27 combined.

How much the 2020 Audi A4 Price?

All right, and as far as the price, Od has not entirely released all of the pricing for this 2020 model. So we’re operating pretty much on just what we have, and what we have is the premium, which is the very base model. That’s going to start at forty thousand nine hundred dollars. We also have free tango red paint for five ninety-five as well as a fifteen-hundred-dollar convenience package.

And then the destination charge of nine ninety-five brings the total for this particular Milan as equipped to forty-three thousand nine hundred ninety. Which you know as far as if we writing like this specific model, you know we think it’s pretty well equipped for that forty-three-thousand-dollar price point. Get another source :

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