2020 Audi Q8 Interior, Price

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2020 Audi Q8 – Now many people have complained about a large number of crossovers. That looks shockingly similar to each other. However, there are a few crossovers that are absolute showstoppers, and this black ship out Audi Q8 is one of them.

2020 Audi Q8

2020 Audi Q8

What You Have To Get From 2020 Audi Q8


What that all said, let’s see if the 2020 Audi Q8 is the best German luxury crossover, so kicking things off here with the exterior styling. It’ll certainly grab a lot of attention since it’s no longer the first year of production the year.

One package we had last year has been eliminated, but all the cooling styling elements from it will still stick around in different groupings. This model has a fantastic looking black optic package which blacks out nearly the entire front end and makes things look very stealthy in dark colors or bold in the lighter colors.

Turning to the headlights, they are entirely LED on all models, but this prestige comes with the more advanced matrix lights. Even though some of the unique functionality is disabled in the U.S, they still have a fresher looking design, and finally, we do want to mention that the ground clearance can vary a lot when you have selected the optional adaptive air suspension.

Like we have now as far as the rest of the design, it’s honestly just as exciting as the front as a crossover coupe the back does slope off aggressively. Then you have a great rear design that looks strikingly similar to the Lamborghini Urus. The width of the rear is emphasized by full length LED tail lights, and since we have the prestige, both the headlights and the tail-lights have the neat entry animation party trick down.

At the bottom, you’ve got a dual exhaust setup, but the chips are fake like the most recent outies, but all in all besides for that one little thing. It’s challenging to speak anything negative about the 2020 Audi Q8 design. This is already a showstopper, and we haven’t even gotten to the upcoming RS Q8 yet. Now setting off the map is this set of gorgeous 22-inch alloy wheels that we have. They are part of the s-line plus package for Premium Plus and Prestige trims.

But there are also several more conservatively styled 20, 21, and 22-inch alloy options. Checking out the mirrors, they are heated and power-folding on all trims, but you will need at least the Premium Plus for auto-dimming and blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert. As far as your other safety systems, all models come with forwarding emergency braking and new for 2020 Auto high beam headlights.

Prestige includes the driver’s assistance package, and Premium Plus can add it, which would give you access to Lane Keeping Assist traffic sign recognition and adaptive cruise control with traffic jam assist.

2020 Audi Q8 Interior

2020 Audi Q8 Interior


Let’s see the high-tech 2020 Audi Q8 cabin. There inside the cabin, as you can view, this does have the latest outie design language looks very cold just like it did last year now. As far as your interior material and color options are concerned, just like every single Audi model, you’re going to start with real leather, and you’ve got four different choices. Now when you got to grab the luxury package like what we have here today, that upgrades you to the very premium leather.

Through the middle and then put the luxury package, you have full leather across the top of the door trim as well again with the double stitching, here’s your wood trim this is an electronic door handle fully aluminum. Of course, you have two-person memory seating standard equipment, and all four of your windows are one-touch automatic.

Anyways to start up the Q8, you do a push-button start. As you expect to see on a high-end outie, we do have a virtual cockpit. This is version 2.0. Which just has faster processing a little bit different graphics. If you choose the prestige level, you will also have a head-up display.

This can display a lot more information. Once you’re underway, it has your navigation instructions and stuff like that. Back to the steering wheel, we do have outies latest design. It’s fully leather-wrapped. You will also have heating.

Talking about storage, we will be honest. This is not one of the strong suits really of the Q8. It’s not a massive SUV by any stretch of the imagination, but still, it’s not a great deal of storage. You have a little bit right there. You have this pad, which is a wireless phone charger on Premium Plus. For the prestige, they’ve got a little bit of space.

A pretty decently sized SUV now like most Audi models here, we do have their electronic shifter very simple to use. Just pull back for Drive. You can bump to the right and do some manual shifting with this automatic shifter, or you can only use these standard paddle shifters. Then you go into reverse or go up the opposite direction; you will find a 360-degree camera system fire up on the Premium Plus and the prestige.

The next stop is going to be our audio system. With this car, you can get the best audio system on the Q8 is a nineteen hundred and twenty-one nineteen speaker Bang and Olufsen advanced 3d sound system as it is in your virtual cockpit, so you’ve got the full Google Earth satellite maps.

So, they’re incredibly crisp extremely detailed, and nearly no one else in the industry does maps as well as an outing. The other big thing we want to point out is you’ve got standard Apple CarPlay and Android auto. That’s located there in the smartphone interface, and you’ll notice wireless Apple CarPlay. So you can use that wirelessly. There are only a few automakers that offer this currently, and Audi is one of them.

2020 Audi Q8 Price

2020 Audi Q8 Price

2020 Audi Q8 Specification

With 2020 Audi Q8, you can tell power is plentiful in this car. This is Audi’s latest powertrain setup. So, what you’re looking at is the 3-liter turbo V6 engine. That’s paired with all the mild-hybrid electrical components and more or less the primary purpose of it as an advanced auto start-stop.

As far as the specification, on the engine 335 horsepower, which is right in line with what all the leading competitors produce in their standard configurations. There is no upgraded engine option available right at this moment. But as those of you know, there is the RS Q8 which is coming out, and that’s going to be the upcoming performance king.

It feels very stout from 0-60 is 5.6 seconds as rated. As you would expect, this is a flagship luxury German, pretty much all of the competition like the X7. That’s going to ride well too, but you are going to find that exceptional ride quality in this model. And one of the things worth noting is that with this model’s adaptive chassis package. We do have a four-corner air suspension, and it handles the bumps well.

As far as the transmission, what we have onboard is an 8-speed automatic standard Quattro all-wheel drive. Like every Audi, it is a full time, so the attraction is not an issue. As far as the transmission very smooth shifting does a perfect job, especially, it’s got you know a more complicated task to be working with you.

The fuel economy is a little bit less than you would expect. So, what we’re going to have in this model is 17 City, 21 highways,18 combined, which is decreased one MPG from last year. W guess in the difference of ratings, and it’s a full four mpg worse than an equivalent all-wheel-drive BMW x6.

How much the 2020 Audi Q8 Price?

At this Q8 has you might be curious as to how much it cost, and this is a flagship outie SUV. The base premium model that’s going to be sixty-eight thousand two hundred dollars. The Premium Plus is seventy-two thousand two hundred. And then finally you have the top-end prestige model which is what we have, and that’s seventy-seven hundred.

Now keep in mind though that Quatro is included so all-wheel drive is standard. As far as how that increases from the 2019 mile, it’s about a thousand dollars on all the trim levels.

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