2020 Dodge Durango RT Blacktop – BUY NOW or WAIT For The 2021?

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2020 Dodge Durango RT Blacktop – While most of the rivals have migrated to car based crossovers over the years, few crossovers have stuck with their traditional suv route. This durango is one of them, and today, for the first time we are sampling. This macho suv equipped with none other than the hemi v8. So without further ado, let’s, go ahead and see if the performance backs up the looks. So probably one of the biggest reasons you might be interested in the durango is because it has a really cool, exterior design and more so here, with this 2020 Dodge Durango RT Blacktop model.

2020 Dodge Durango RT Blacktop

2020 Dodge Durango RT Blacktop

What You Have to Get From 2020 Dodge Durango RT Blacktop

Now up in the front, 2020 Dodge Durango RT Blacktop has what i call the mean mesh grille, because it’s different from the traditional crosshair grille. As you can see, this is all mesh and then you have dodge spelled out across the top there, and then you also have a lower grille down here, which does have that same kind of mesh material and then the other thing that really finishes off this main Front end is that you have a hood scoop up here on the top of the hood.

Now as far as your headlights, these are actually going to be hid. Headlights here on the rt trim level. You do have a incandescent turn signal and an led daytime running light. Now there is a refresh coming in 2021 that’s, going to switch this up to some leds, but for now this is what you have and then down here at the bottom.

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You will find led fog lights, so squatting down here at your wheels. The rt is going to throw in 20 inch alloys as standard equipment. Now it comes in three different finishes for this same exact wheel, the regular model is going to have the contrast.  Look here with the blacktop model: we have the full gloss black which i really like, and if you want to go really crazy, you can actually get a bronze finish, which is very interesting for sure.

I have to say this 2020 Dodge Durango RT Blacktop here at the rear and also in the front excuse my language, but it’s. Just completely badass for a three-row crossover, i mean that’s, why this thing is still selling pretty well now, as far as how it is equipped feature-wise, we are going to have a standard, full-length led tail lights as a really cool.

Look down below that. We do have black badging here on this blacktop model and then at the bottom. We are going to have a standard dual exhaust pumping out that awesome, hemi, v8 sound and as far as your towing for the rear wheel, drive model.

But that’s, going to be it for this really cool, exterior styling of this 2020 Dodge Durango RT Blacktop edition. So now let’s, go and hop on the inside, see all the utility they put in there before we take it out on a spin so walking up to this durango.  You will find a smart entry system standard across every trim and here on the rt you will find standard remote start now to get inside the vehicle itself.

2020 Dodge Durango RT Blacktop Interior

2020 Dodge Durango RT Blacktop Interior

You can equip this interior. What we have is the standard option, which is going to be a leather trim seat with suede in the middle, and this comes in black only, however, if you pay about an extra eight hundred dollars, you get a full leather seating, and that comes in black brown Or a really cool option of red now, turning over here to your door trim, this is nicely finished. We have a leather trim that goes all through here with a contrast, stitching detail.

We have a fake aluminum trim right through there and it is soft touch along the top. As far as the windows, they’re, going to be one touch automatic for the driver and the passenger and then jumping down here to your seats here on the rt.

2020 Dodge Durango RT Blacktop is going to be an eight-way power, adjusting seat with four-way, lumbar sport and then, like i was already saying we have the suede and leather seats, so all the outside, as well as the top, is going to be leather and then the inside has this really Nice suede texture. I think it really adds to the sporty appearance of this cabin now, like i said, the actual design itself has not really changed this year, but there are some material differences. We have the standard version.

However, this year we have a premium interior option on the rt, so instead of this soft touch plastic, we have along the top of the dash on this model. This could all be subbed out for a leather trim with stitching and then the headliner would also become an alcantara instead of the regular version that we have on this model uh.

But beyond that, we still have some more of this silver trim. Like i said, this is all soft touch plastic down in the bottom areas. This is going to be hard touch plastic, but everything does fit together very well now across all the durango line up just press the button to start and right off the bat you’ll hear that hemi, which is the reason you get this 2020 Dodge Durango RT Blacktop.

So taking a look here at the gauges, this premium gauge cluster is actually standard across every single 2020 Dodge Durango RT Blacktop , with the seven inch multi-function display right there in the middle, and this, of course does contain a ton of different information, and it is very vivid as well now Coming back to the steering wheel, we have a very nice wheel with the latest dodge design.

It is nicely leather, wrapped um. You will also find that it is power adjusting here on the rt model and then heating is also standard as well all right. So let’s, go ahead and jump into interior storage. Now i really like the way that the storage is set up in this durango because we have two tiers so here in the top part, we have a little bit of space, and this is perfect for sticking our stack of coupons right in there like that.

Then you can just set that down and you have basically a coupon here and then you have your main tier now. This to your here is very deep. You have plenty of space, a really nice felt lining, as well as a 12 volt outlet.

2020 Dodge Durango RT Blacktop Feature

2020 Dodge Durango RT Blacktop Feature

You can bump over here to the left. If you want to shift manually – and here on the rt model, we do have paddle shifters heading into reverse, you will find a standard, 360 degree camera system across all the models. We do have active trajectory as well as parking sensors that appear right there in the gauge cluster for this rt model, but do be aware you cannot get a 360 degree camera system at this time, all right.

As far as your features, we have cup holders on each side and we do also have our own climate vents. So you’re, not going to suffocate back here in this third row, so walking up to the tailgate. The durango isn’t going to offer a hands-free option, but it is power, so just locate that button under the lid and it will open right up now, once inside of this cargo department, you’re, going to find a pretty good Amount of space it’s, going to come in at 17 cubic feet behind the third row.

If we lift it up, we do have an additional storage space up under here. You could probably fit quite a bit of stuff back here, definitely disguised, so you can hide your expensive belongings in there off to the side. We do have another storage cubby and then, as far as how you fold the third row, you just grab this little lever and push forward and the button is off to the side, not on the top. The passenger seat is going to be 8-way power.

Adjusting with 4-way lumbar support and then in front, as far as the glove box is concerned, it’s, nicely dampened and felt lined and our big fat stack of coupons. Can they fit they? Can it’s about the exact width to be to fit these, and you could probably fit about three of our coupon stacks in there? So a plus and then up top.

2020 Dodge Durango RT Blacktop Cargo Capacity

2020 Dodge Durango RT Blacktop Cargo Capacity

We do have a sun visor with lighting as well as a mirror, and it does also detach as well as extend uh. Just like that 65 miles an hour and the sound the sound you can’t beat the sound of a hemi. I mean it’s, just excellent.


There’s, nothing else to say about it. I mean let’s, be real! That’s. The reason you’re read this article is for that just ridiculous. Hemi v8 sound now this being the rt. That means this is 2020 Dodge Durango RT Blacktop level that has the standard hemi, 5. 7 liter hemi. V8. 360 horsepower 390 pound-feet of torque. So definitely really really nice power numbers um. You know and like we’re, saying kind of the beginning of the video there’s, just not a lot of suvs that still go this traditional route.

You know because basically, i don’t think there’s any v8s. The tahoe is not really exactly a competitor to this per se. It’s, more of in line with the mainstream offerings and most of those come start with, like a four cylinder and then maybe an optional v6. You know yeah, so this i mean this is just a really unique route that dodge has gone with this 2020 Dodge Durango RT Blacktop. I think this sounds better than like a tahoe’s. 5.3 liter v8. For sure. Absolutely it just sounds absolutely wicked and it really just matches really well with the uh just masculine and really awesome exterior design.

You know this is uh like he was mentioning there’s, a very unique offering, especially when you compare it to what you’re, going to get price wise, like a honda pilot or a toyota highlander. They’re, not going to give you any of this whole package like exterior styling, that big v8 engine, or anything like that right now.

What and now that we’re just cruising here, going around 60 miles an hour. This is you know it’s, not just a hot rod. It has to be comfortable for all the family uh for all three rows and um. You know, i will say it’s, probably a little bit louder in here than some of the more plush competition like the toyota highlander honda pilot, but definitely not not in the area of being uncomfortable, and i will get a sound Level reading going 55 miles per hour, 56 and a half decibels.

You know just really uh kind of just blends into the background. You don’t. Really notice it much at all and that’s, pretty much what you’re looking for, since this is a you know about being comfortable at the end of the day and having your whole family with you and as far as your Drive trains: this is going to be actually rear.

And if you’re, comparing it to a tahoe, then it’s, going to be a lot cheaper, so that’s, definitely going to be our slam dunk for the durango. Now, as far as the air ball um, we’d say that it’s. Probably the design of the cabin is a little bit dated looking, you know, the materials are not really too bad, but the design you know just a little plain jane.

2020 Dodge Durango RT Blacktop Price

2020 Dodge Durango RT Blacktop Price

Lastly, here we’re going to discuss the fuel economy so, as you might expect that hemi v8 isn’t going to be great for the gas mileage compared to some of the rivals.

So 2020 Dodge Durango RT Blacktop, going to be 14 city 22 highway, 17 combined. If you go for the 3.6 liter engine, that’s going to be 21 combined, so that’s, that’s pretty much in line with the other rivals, v6 options. But of course you are going to have a pretty significant penalty to go for that v8 hemi now, since this is basically the muscle car of free road crossovers, i want to talk about how it handles um.

How much the Price?

So for this 2020 Dodge Durango RT Blacktop uh it’s, going to start at $44.395, which definitely is not more expensive than the competition um. If you go for one of the lower trims, the citadel is $42.995. The gt is $34.995 and the x sxt is $30.795, so you’re, looking at very competitive pricing with the segment now as far as this one’s equipment level, we do have a few options on that.

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