New Compact 2020 Ford Escape Crossover Specs, Release Date

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2020 Ford Escape – When it comes to Ford, the first vehicle, everyone thinks of, is, of course, the f-150. But a lot of characters don’t recognize that the escape is their next bestselling product. The previous generation has been on sale for a while. But now we finally have an all-new flee with us.

2020 Ford Escape

2020 Ford Escape

Compact and Quiet

So, with all that stuff said, let’s see if the rivals should be worried about Ford’s new entry. So, starting this video with the styling, it’s clear immediately that Ford has gone a different direction with this new model.

That Ford intends to bring a new crossover of the same size to market that is more off-road focused. So that means the escape is now the more urban-focused model. What that translates to is a smooth and rounded front with a fusion like a fascia that sets down low every trend does get.

This designed with the only difference being no chrome surround on the base 2020 Ford Escape S. Turning over to the lighting all but the titanium will come standard with these halogen headlights and LED daytime running lights. But when you choose that top model, you will get LEDs instead. Finally, halogen fog lights are included starting with this SEL.

Now, as far as all the rest of the styling, the design swoops upwards dramatically from the side. But as you go around to the back is substantially more traditional looking Escape is spelled out across the tailgate, and every model comes with these nice-looking, partially LED taillights. Along the bottom, even the base s will have the silver accent and dual exhaust pipes. So overall, while this type of design won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

It’s definitely appreciated that for has done something genuinely different in a class of many similar-looking offerings. Now turning our attention to the wheels, they are one of Mason and I’s favorite elements of this exterior.

These are the most massive wheels available coming in at 19 inches, and their standard on the titanium and optional on the SEL. Usually this 2020 Ford Escape SEL will come with 18-inch contrast alloys. It is then going down the ladder you have 17-inch alloys on the 2020 Ford Escape SE and 17-inch steel wheels with hubcaps on the S model. In regards to the mirrors.

They are heated on the 2020 Ford Escape SE and up, and Ford is one of the only manufacturers in the class to include blind-spot monitoring standards on every single trim. The same also goes for pretty much every other active safety feature, as well.

The new co-pilot 360 suite, includes automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection Lane, Keeping Assist and auto high beam headlights. The only system that they charge extra for is adaptive cruise control, so this definitely brings it in line with all the big Japanese competitors.

Escape Interior

As you can tell definitely, a thoroughly modernized design that is different from the outgoing generation. Now, as far as your interior material and color combinations floor, it has kept things relatively simple for this type of vehicle. So, what you’ll be looking at on the s and the 2020 Ford Escape S II is going to be cloth seating and when you go up to.

This SEL, you’ll get the material called ActiveX. It’s faux leather, but it’s made to be a little bit more durable, and then we go for the titanium that’s going to get real weather. As far as your colors, it’s also elementary s is ebony. Only all the rests are ebony or sandstone.

2020 Ford Escape Interior

2020 Ford Escape Interior

The tourney over here to your door trim, it is nicely finished you have leather right here on the armrest. It also has a pretty unique Design here. So, you’ve got these little light diamonds engraved into the soft-touch plastic all through there.

The vast majority of escapes are going to come with this setup. It is analog with your 4.2-inch multi-function display. However, new this year You do have quite lovely.  Reconfigurable twelve-point three-inch display that’s going to be standard on your titanium. Nevertheless, this does perform all the functions that you pretty much expect Just your traditional multifunction display.

Now coming on off the dashboard here, we do have our climate controls. There are three different setups on the escape. So, your 2020 Ford Escape is going to be entirely manual all the middle trims are going to come with this single-zone automatic Setup, and then you do have a dual-zone automatic setup If you go for the titanium, of course, we don’t need to explain this.

The other main feature that I want to point out is, of course, in your applications. This is going to be your Android auto and your apple CarPlay. Those are both going to be standard so long as you choose the SE or up so that you have the 8-inch display, it’s not available on the smaller screen. But otherwise, you’re looking at the same features that we come to expect from the sync three systems.

2020 Ford Escape Specification

The powertrain situation here on the 2020 escape, they remodeled how they structure the trims. So, most of the Ford escape now is going to come with a turbocharged three-cylinder.

2020 Ford Escape Specification

2020 Ford Escape Specification

That being said, it does still have competitive class numbers of 180 horsepower 177 pounds of torque. Now optional on the 2020 Ford Escape SEL and the 2020 Ford Escape Titanium is the engine. That we have in this tester, and that’s going to be your 2-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder making 250 horsepower and 275-pound feet of torque.

But there’s going to be a hybrid powertrain offered, and a plug-in hybrid offered later on. As far as our transmission is going to be, an 8-speed automatic power we sent to the front wheels as standard equipment or optional all-wheel-drive across all your trend levels.

And then as far as your fuel economy, they’re somewhat limited on the ratings. We have a couple of numbers available right now the 1.5-liter front-wheel drive is going to be rated at 27 City, 33 highway, 30 combined.

Then this specific 2-liter all-wheel-drive Is rated at 23 cities 31 highway 26 combined. But anyways that does it for the specs We’ll go ahead and take it out on the road and see how it performs Wow, so first setting off here Turbo 2-liter turbo Ford Escape. How are impressive you can tell right when you get off the line there the torque, you know, that’s the big thing with this engine is the torque. It makes a lot of torque, and you can definitely feel that.

Yeah, and another thing that just like struck us was it like makes no noise doing so it’s like so quiet. It’s just like almost like these EcoBoost cars that ford makes are they’re reticent. Yeah, even under only a more modest acceleration. You know it feels strong feels real healthy off the line a lot of things in this class feel.

Tend to feel pretty weak; you know You do and that’s a big thing to consider with this vehicle as just having this available in itself is a significant benefit because the top three products in this class are going to be your RAV4, CRV, and Nissan Rogue.

2020 Ford Escape Price

For the base 2020 Ford Escape model, you’re going to start at twenty-four thousand eight hundred and eighty-five dollars. The SE is twenty-seven thousand and ninety-five. The 2020 Ford Escape SEL is twenty-nine thousand two fifty-five.

2020 Ford Escape Price

2020 Ford Escape Price

And then you have the top-end Titanium trim with the hybrid Powertrain is standard for thirty-three thousand four hundred dollars, and it is worth noting that that is for the front-wheel-drive option.

If you want an all-wheel-drive, that’s going to be fifteen hundred dollars additional. So, it’s right in line with like the RAV4, but you are going to be having a price premium over stuff like the Honda CRV.

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