2020 Ford Expedition Max Platinum XLT, Interior, Configuration

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2020 Ford Expedition Max Platinum –  So, this year is going to be a big year for big SUVs. With the all-new GM trucks coming out soon, but also a new trim level and latest updates for this 2020 Ford Expedition. Ford and their SUVs they have something for everybody in their lineup down from like the Eco Sport, Escape, Edge, and Explorer. With the expedition, you’re getting that extra room that you can’t get in any other Ford SUV product, and it’s just exciting to remember Ford’s cutting out their cars sticking only with the Mustang and SUVs.

2020 Ford Expedition Max Platinum

2020 Ford Expedition Max Platinum

What You Have to Get From 2020 Ford Expedition Max

As you see, it hasn’t changed for 2020 as you’d expect since this is only a couple of years old. However, there are many different styles; you can finish the front-end design. Now, if you go for the XLT or the limited trim levels, that’s where you’ll have kind of the more understandable silver chrome grille design. But when you go up to this platinum trim, that’s where you fill in the silver mesh trim, which looks a lot fancier.

Now, as far as the all-new King Ranch trim that Ford’s adding for 2020 that shares most of the same styling characteristics with the Platinum trim. But the grille as well as the lower fascia and trim around the vehicle that’s going to be finished in a stone-gray color. You know, which kind of looks like basically the F-150 King Ranch. Now coming over here to your headlight design, this has a nice-looking design the grille kind of surrounds inside of the headlight.

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So, you have your LED turn signal, and then you have LED lights over here if you go for the King Ranch or the platinum shrimps. Otherwise, it’s going to be a halogen headlight and then down at the bottom there. You also find LED fog lights If you have the LED headlights Now as far as the various wheel options, there are a ton. Depending on the different trim levels with your XLT that comes standard with 18-inch alloys with several optional 20-inch alloys.

If you go for the King Ranch or the Platinum, there’s silver there and that stone-gray color. On that Ranch trend level, so here at the side of the 2020 Ford Expedition. We do have a little bit to talk about for those of you familiar with this vehicle you know that it’s offered in a long-wheelbase form called the max and that’s what we have here that measures in at 222 inches long. It’s about as long as a school bus, and then the regular one is going to come in at two hundred and ten inches. It’s a twelve-inch wheelbase stretch for that max version.

2020 Ford Expedition Max Platinum Interior

2020 Ford Expedition Max Platinum Interior

Now here are your safety systems. You’re going to see a 2020 change, and that’s a now that Ford’s co-pilot 360 system is now standard across all of the 2020 Ford Expedition lineup. That means all models will include blind-spot monitoring, emergency braking, lane-keeping assist, auto high beam headlights, and standard on the King Ranch and platinum only are the co-pilot 360 assist package. And that will also throw in adaptive cruise control.

Now taking a first glance inside the cabin, you won’t notice any substantial interior changes. There have been some updates specific to this platinum trim, which we’ll get into as we work our way through the article. Going to color and material options on the XLT, you’re looking at cloth with an optional leatherette.

Then when you go for the limited or op, that’s where you’ll get real leather. As far as your color options, you have medium stone options for 2020 Ford Expedition XLT and 2020 Ford Expedition Limited, the new King Ranch trim. That comes with these exclusive Del Rio brown Leather with the different unique stitching designs. Then the Platinum trim has every or this very nice-looking ceramic color. Now turning over here to your door trim, this is where you’re going to find the first 2020 platinum change. Now you’ll notice it’s mostly the same door trim. So, you have leather through here as well as the excellent quilted design.

But what’s new this year is that instead of a soft-touch plastic up there like the other trim levels? We now have a beautiful leather area with color contrast stitching. You will find three-person memory seating on the limited and up. We are then checking out the seat here, all that the base trim comes with a 10-way power adjusting seat with four-way lumbar support.

This platinum trim does also throw in massaging abilities, and then as far as these seats, we have to say they are very aesthetically pleasing. We love the color and the quilting designs on the side, as well as the platinum branding. To start all expeditions, you have a push-button start. Now, as far as your gauges here, this is kind of your typical Ford Expedition or F150 setup here. So, you have a 7-inch display in the middle and analog gauges on the outside edges, and this continues to have just a ton of information Including things regarding towing and safety systems.

There is not ahead of display offered, though. Then we come back to the steering wheel itself; Ford nicely includes the leather wrap steering wheel standard on all the trim levels. These silver accents here their platinum exclusive and new for 2020 rain-sensing wipers are now standard on the Limited trim.

And as far as the wheel itself, it is power adjusting on that limited trim and up and Ford also throws in power adjusting pedals as well. Alright, so let’s go ahead and talk about storage because that’s got to be one of the essential things in an SUV of this size so, once we pull this out of the way, as you can see. This is a ridiculously large center console. You could fit your weeks’ worth of groceries in here, honestly and then up in front of that. You have your covered cupholders, another large storage bin with a wireless phone charger, and some USB ports one of them as a type see.

We’ve got more storage along the side here as well as some additional room above the glove box So as you can see, there is certainly plenty of places to stick stuff Now one of the reasons why Ford has been able to give you this much storage is because they’ve gone with an Electronic shifter, this is their newest Turn style shifter.

2020 Ford Expedition Max Specification

You know, and it expected to be fast, but we could say, you know, accelerating it feels even faster than you would expect. Yeah, and it doesn’t in such a Nonchalant manner, we don’t even know it. How do you look up and you’re going like 75, and it just doesn’t also feel like you should be. Barely moving at all as far as the actual power figure is what we’re looking at is 375 horsepower and 475 feet of torque.

2020 Ford Expedition Max Platinum Price

2020 Ford Expedition Max Platinum Price

For all the trim levels, Except for the Platinum trim and that’s going to get the exclusive power boost and bring you up to 400 horsepower and 480 pounds of torque. So, from driving the one last year, it doesn’t need more power. No, but You know, why not? If you get the Platinum, you understand that a nice power boost to get you closer to the navigator level. And you didn’t mention it, but this is coming from a 3.5-liter twin-turbo v6. So that is an essential difference between this and its GM rivals.

That this is a V6 as opposed to the traditional V8. That most in this class have to offer, so whether you think. That’s a pro or a con, that’s going to be up to you. But that is an essential difference between those models, but you know once you get up to speed here, we are cruising around 55 miles per hour. It’s just really quite unbelievable.

This truly does feel like sitting on the couch. We going, to be honest, like this seat is extremely comfortable, and for a matter of fact, these second-row seats are comfortable and the third row. But as far as the max 4×2 That’s going to be rated at 17 City, 23 highway, the pink team combined and then the four-wheel-drive version is 18 combined. So, you know, it’s not worse than the GM vehicles or any of its competitive set, but it is not better.

How much the 2020 Ford Expedition Max Price?

So, for the 2020 Ford Expedition prices, we are to mention that it is for the two-wheel-drive configuration. Keep in mind Four-wheel drive is going to be an additional charge. For the and also these are for the max, so keep that in mind so for the max XLT that’s going to start at fifty-five thousand eight thirty-five — the limited sixty-six thousand three seventy-five. The New king wrench trim level 75 five ninety and then finally up this one, which is the max Platinum going to be seventy-six thousand nine-hundred and sixty-five bucks.

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