2020 Ford Explorer Redesign, Specs

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2020 Ford Explorer – The Ford Explorer is considered to be the all-time best-selling SUV in America. So, when it comes time for a full redesign, you better bet that families all over the country are paying attention.

It’s hard to understand that Ford Explorer has been around since 1991 and since then we’ve seen so many changes with the Explorer it’s been through some good times. It’s also been through some bad times, but really for 2020 with this all-new sixth-generation Ford is looking to reinvent the Explorer completely.

2020 Ford Explorer

2020 Ford Explorer

Exterior Redesign

Started with the exterior design, the new 2020 Ford Explorer charts its course. It looks nothing like the expedition or any other whore for that matter, though. It does have some similarities to the outgoing line. The grill continues to fill the entire space between the headlights, and as far as the designs, they do change for every single trim.

Our 2020 Ford Explorer limited, and the 2020 Ford Explorer Platinum has similar silver-finished grilles while the 2020 Ford Explorer XLT and 2020 Ford Explorer Sport go for sporty or gray and black finishes. Turn it to the headlights; they are entirely LED across the entire lineup for both the low and high beams. Both of the designs are a little bit different for the ST and Platinum models.

Now heading on to the side, this is where you see the most significant difference from the old Explorer. It is now moved to a rear-drive architecture, which gives it pleasing proportions and a much sportier. Look compared to the competition It also looks a lot smaller, even though the size stays pretty much the same.

Around back, this is the place that looks the most similar to the outgoing model. Since we have a chrome accent dual exhaust and two same bracket shaped LED taillights, of course, choosing the 2020 Ford Explorer ST will black everything out and give you quad exhaust tips instead.

We might as well consider the toy, which has increased to fifty-three hundred pounds from the previous 3000 for the base four-cylinder and then 5,600 pounds with the upgraded V6. But overall, the styling of the new Explorer certainly stands out with rear-drive proportions and a much more masculine vibe than the vast majority of rivals.

2020 Ford Explorer Specs

2020 Ford Explorer Specs

Now heading up to the wheels as you’d expect, there is a wide assortment of choices. What you are looking at are the optional 20-inch polished alloys, which replaced the Limited’s standard 20-inch alloys. The XLT comes with an 18-inch alloy, the ST and platinum come with similar-looking contrast alloys. Finally, only the ST can get an optional 21.

Moving on to the mirrors, they are always heated with standard blind-spot monitoring while the limited adds power-folding and 2020 Ford Explorer ST adds auto-dimming abilities. Now one of the most significant and most important changes for 2020 is that advanced safety features are now included standard across the entire lineup.

Explorer Interior

It is checking out the cabin of the all-new 2020 Ford Explorer. As you can tell right off the bat, this represents a whole new design philosophy for Ford. Now, this is a vehicle that comes in at a wide range of price points. There is also a wide range of interior color options and materials.

Starting with the XLT, you’re going to have cloth seating. However, you can option on leatherette if you want, but all the rest of the trims are going to come standard with real leather seating, which has had a unique quilted design if you go for the platinum trim as far as colors. That’s pretty simple because you only have two different color options on all the trim levels.

2020 Ford Explorer Interior

2020 Ford Explorer Interior

Now no matter what model you get, you do have a standard push-button start. When you press it, you will see this 8-inch touch display fire upon the vast majority of models. However, if you go for the ST or the top end of the platinum model, you have the option of getting that Interesting looking 10.1-inch display.

Now you can get a twelve-point three-inch display. That’s entirely reconfigured Bullough takes up the entire gauge cluster. That comes on the ST in the plateau. Now coming back to your steering wheel, Ford has nicely Included this leather wrap steering wheel across all of the trim levels, even the base model. It does have a new design here kind of a little bit boxy looking there.

We’ve got our buttons for our adaptive cruise control our audio controls. On this side, we got our multifunction display as well as iPhone and voice commands. One nice touch is that on the limited and up, you do have a power adjusting steering wheel, and you also have steering wheel heated. We are now moving on to interior storage.

This is an example of the various essential aspects of a family crossover, and Ford has done a great job. There’s a ton of different places to stick things so we can start here with our center console. As you can see, you’ve got a little tray right here that you can remove and then looking inside.

We can pop this up, and you see this is a huge bin. It’s intense. It also is linked with the same rubber mat. This is where you’ll find your USB type-c and another 12-volt outlet. However, in the middle, we have a drive mode selector.

So, when we select that, we have this beautiful animation come up there, which shows us all of our different drive modes. There are a lot of diverse choices here. So, we start with our usual; then we scroll over. We have a slippery trail and deep snow and sand. Now we can go back the other direction we have an eco-mode and sport.

2020 Ford Explorer Specs

Talk about this vehicle power trains now Ford has quite a variety of options for you to pick from. So, the 2020 Ford Explorer XLT and their limited are going to start with a 2.3-liter turbo four-cylinder.

We produce great numbers of 300 horsepower and 310-pound feet of torque. Now the next step up on the limited trim is going to be a hybrid option. We’re going to cover that in a separate article. But as far as the ST and the Platinum, they jump up to a 3-liter turbo V6.

That produce has real numbers 365 horsepower and 380 pound-feet of torque, in the Platinum trim if you go for the ST, that’s tuned up to 400 horsepower and 415 pound-feet of torque. Those are impressive numbers, and then, of course, it is as many of you have heard rear-wheel drive. So you have the rear-wheel-drive bias.

On the bottom, two trims at a standard rear-wheel drive optional all-wheel drive. The top two trims all-wheel drive is standard. As far as your transmission, we have a 10-speed automatic transmission on board, and all that together does produce a pretty good fuel economy. The base model with the rear-wheel-drive 2.3 liters, there’s going to be 21 City, 28 Highway, 24 combined. When you go for an all-wheel-drive like this one, that’s going to drop that down to 23 combined.

2020 Ford Explorer Price

2020 Ford Explorer Price

And then if you choose that potent 3.0-liter engine, you’re going to get 18 cities, 24 highways, 20 combined, which is still pretty good for the class since a lot of rivals have less powerful engines that get similar fuel economy.

How Does the 2020 Ford Explorer Price?

The base model 2020 Ford Explorer, price is going to be thirty-six thousand six-hundred and seventy-five dollars. And that is for the 2020 Ford Explorer XLT trim in the rear-wheel-drive configuration.

Now, if you want to go one rung up to what we have here, this been the limited trim. That’s going to start at forty-eight thousand one hundred and thirty dollars also, and rear-wheel drive as drew is talking about.

And then the next rung up is your performance model that’s the ST, and that’s going to come in at fifty-four thousand seven hundred and forty dollars with standard all-wheel drive. The Platinum, which is the top range, has everything you could ever want, is going to start at fifty-eight thousand two hundred fifty dollars.

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