Are 2020 Ford Rangers Reliable?

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2020 Ford Ranger –  The mid-size truck market has been blossoming over the last few years, which is why the Ranger has been resurrected. However, at this point, it has a lot of ground to make up from the Tacoma.

2020 Ford Rangers

2020 Ford Rangers

What You Have to Get From 2020 Ford Rangers

When the Ranger came out last year, I, as well as probably many of you, we’re surprised that it does not have a mini f-150 appearance. That’s a little bit of a sportier and more round appearance instead of kind of boxy. As far as your grill designs, there are several different ones. Each creme level gets a different layout up to the Lariat, which has chrome bars in the middle.

However, what we have and what’s a popular option is to get the sport appearance package, when you choose that you get this grille design which is finished in a dark grey. As well as the dark grey bumper accents down here now coming over there to your headlights. Most of the 2020 Ford Rangers are going to go with this halogen setup.

If you go for the top-end lariat, that’s where you’ll get a full LED setup, and the vast majority of all rangers will have fog lights. The different wheel options it does escalate depending on the trim level, starting with fundamental 16-inch steel wheels, XL 17-inch alloys, 2020 Ford Rangers XLT, and 2020 Ford Rangers lariat 18-inch alloys. As far as the configurations are concerned with this Ford Ranger, Ford does keep it pretty simple you can get this crew cab configuration.

That’s paired with the five-feet bed, or you can also get the super cab configuration with the half-door. That comes with the six-foot bed now walking around to the rear design of this Ranger. We think this is where it looks most similar to the f-150—since you do have Ranger stamped out on the tailgate, and it does have that classic truck design. On the side, we do also have entirely LED taillights, which we are delighted by. They look very premium.

Then you do also have an exhaust pipe coming out of these sides there. Now walking up here to the tailgate, all you have to do open is just hit that. And Ford has not dampened this tailgate, which is an exciting choice, but here in the bed itself, we do not have the bed liner. But a bed liner is available, and as far as the features, we have a couple of tie-downs on the side. Some lighting, then the towing, is concerned for this Ranger. It’s going to be rated at 7500 pounds.

Across the lineup, if you opt for that trailer tow package. For your safety systems with this Ranger, we pretty impressed since 2020 Ford Rangers copilot 360 system is standard on all. But the base 2020 Ford Rangers XL trim means include automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, Lane Keeping Assist, blind-spot monitoring, and high beam headlights.

2020 Ford Rangers Interior

2020 Ford Rangers Interior

You are looking to inside the cabin, of course since this Ranger was just changed last year. You’re not working to see any meaningful changes to the design. The interior material and color options do remain the same. As well so for your 2020 Ford Rangers XL, you have your choice between cloth or vinyl seating in ebony. Only the XLT comes with a premium cloth seat and ebony or medium stone. Then if you choose the top in a lariat, it comes with real leather in those same two-color options. Turning over here to your door trim, whatever interior materials you’ve selected are mirrored up here onto the door.

So, we have a leatherette with cloth above its top part of 2020 Ford Rangers is hard to touch, and our driver’s window is one-touch automatic hanging down. Down to seats, you’ll notice this is a full manual adjusting seat; it is six ways. And if we go through the Lariat, you’ll have an 8-way power adjusting seat. Like we already mentioned, this is the premium cloth. It has a sweet and soft feel to it. Also, it likes the color contrast stitching and a beautiful design. Getting in there no running boards and there is also not a driver sinuses grips, so it’s a little bit tall. Just like pretty much any Ford truck, the materials do vary depending on what trim level you choose.

Starts up there, you will find a nice clean and straightforward gauge cluster on most of the trim levels. You’ve got about a four-and-a-half-inch display right there in the middle, but if you were to choose the 2020 Ford Rangers lariat, it has a fancier arrangement which has a multifunction display on both sides. Then coming back to the steering wheel, of course, we do have electric power-assisted steering. Start with our center console; it is quite deep, pretty spacious little bottom up in front of that.

You have two nice cupholders, and in the deep bin with two USB ports. Down to the shifter, here as you can see, 2020 Ford Rangers have a beautiful leather wrap boot, and it is just a regular shifter. Pull back for a drive; you can go back once more for the sport mode. And you can shift manually with these little toggles, but there is never going to be any powder shifters. Going into reverse, you will find a standard backup camera it does, as you can see, have actor trajectory.

2020 Ford Rangers Specification

We have to say that’s we are very impressed by the way that the power feels. What we’re looking at is the 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder actually and an excellent 270 horsepower and 310 pound-of-torque. We can feel the torque with you like with each shift you could just like kind of feel like a surge. As the turbo spooled up, you know, so it feels initially to be a little bit faster than the Toyota Tacoma.

A turbocharged engine gives you that torque. Where that’s just a regular naturally aspirated engine has a big difference, and we also know first impression here is that it sounds pretty good too.

We were a little curious as to how this 2.3-liter engine would sound as opposed to most of that classic V6. There’s something standard, and it’s quite deep looking for a four-cylinder. Another thing about that sound we are going to go ahead and mention again is that the Toyota Tacoma is pretty loud upon its accelerations. Another thing we like about this powertrain is that we have a 10-speed automatic transmission. None of the competition has ten-speed automatic, you know, but of course, the number doesn’t mean a whole lot of its tuned poorly.

It is not it’s very responsive, we mean notice any types of like real hesitancy to shift or anything like that. It’s behaving; especially when you change like throttle application quick, it seems to respond. Talking about fuel economy, we’re going to have very impressive. For the two-wheel-drive model, it’s not coming at 21 City, 26 highway, 23 combined.

If you go for the four-wheel-drive, which is what we have, this is going to be 20 City, 24 Highway, 22 combined. Which like we were mentioning, that’s actually at the very top of the class that’s even besting the diesel, Colorado, on Canyon.

2020 Ford Rangers Price

2020 Ford Rangers Price

2020 Ford Rangers Price

For this 2020 Ford Rangers, for the 4×2 model in the extended cab. So, for the XL, that’s going to be $24,410, the XLT is $28,460, and then the lariat is $32,500 that is worth knowing that’s about a $500 price increase over last year.

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