2020 Genesis G80 Sport

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2020 Genesis G80 Sport – Remember, Genesis was initially only a model, and the ranks of Hyundai finally Honda decided. You know what we want to create an upscale brand called Genesis since then they’ve been slowly building upon success after success, and now with the G80, it’s a large, mid-size segment sedan to go up against the big brands from Audi, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Lexus.

2020 Genesis G80 Sport

2020 Genesis G80 Sport

On forth, the 2020 Genesis G80 Sport is has been set up. What that means is you still get three engine options, a naturally aspirated V6 with a twin-turbo.

What You Have To Get From 2020 Genesis G80 Sport

Exterior Redesign

This 2020 Genesis G80 and try to answer a question should you forget even looking at all those other brands and pick one of these up at a bang-up kind of price. Let’s dive in the right off the bat, we love the styling very upscale feel fit and finish what we have noticed is what a lot of people that have gone to those other brands.

They now want in Genesis. It’s not just a bunch of advertisement hoopla; it’s a real deal people last starting to look at this as an exact upscale luxury car great value, high reliability, and style. Speaking of style, we love the headlight design full LED lighting. We think it was smart the way that they kind of wrap around the daytime running lamps and look at the headlight design very intricate in detail.

The wings give 2020 Genesis G80 Sport a beautiful look you have that black chrome grille front-facing camera. A lot of open area with the grille, but you do have this section here which we are going to Zonk because that’s where all that radar technology and laser technology for the adaptive cruise control lane.

Now looking at this setup, what we’re finding is that this believes it or not an 18-inch wheel. We thought it was a 19-inch wheel. It seems a little bigger than what you would think but a massive rotor.

We love the style on the headlight design very slim and trim on the LED side mirrors here the nice. Black chrome goes all the way around the top and the bottom, and what’s nice is when you lock this up, the mirrors tilt in so nobody bangs into them as they’re getting in.

2020 Genesis G80 Sport Interior

2020 Genesis G80 Sport Interior

Interior Change

The door panels, first of all, that are full-on carbon fiber. So, you’ve got carbon fiber trim love this silver the aluminum speaker covers. We even love that lighter gray leather on the back of the door with the stitching the contrast stitching very tastefully done, really sharp, and we think that it just screams high-class.

Now when you get to the dash saw material carbon fiber, just spill it all over this thing. It integrates the triangle right into the taste that is cooling a 9-inch infotainment system. Of course, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto.

That but very-very easy to navigate, then writing you put an SD card in there for navigation. You also have a cute aluminum style with a start/stop button. The AC controls are perfectly placed in an upscale car, just like a Mercedes. You got to have the analog clock. You can even see the Genesis badge in there very nicely done.

2020 Genesis G80 Sport Specification

The 2020 Genesis G80 Sport badge that 3.3-liter turbo that means turbocharged quad exhausts fully functional with a rear diffuser. This is a rear-wheel drive that sounds good to us. With the turbo badge there like we said 3.3 liters V6 twin-turbo power out 365 horsepower, 375 pound-feet of torque.

It’s all mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission, and we’re taking all that power to the rear wheels 0 to 60 get 5.2 seconds quarter-mile and 13.8. And let’s think about this for a second let’s meditate on this car weighs 4,600 pounds that’s some potent speed.

Some potent numbers from this vehicle top speed like we said well 135 MPGs: 17 cities, 25 highways, and you know what if you don’t like this engine, you can go naturally aspirated V6 with less horsepower, or you could go to the V8 route.

2020 Genesis G80 Sport Price

2020 Genesis G80 Sport Price

How much the 2020 Genesis G80 Sport Price?

We think the sport is the best way to go Bar None, but while we go ahead, fire up this 2020 Genesis G80 Sport and see what it sounds like. We know you’ve been dying to ask how much is this the way that this one sits is MSRP right around fifty-six thousand dollars.

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