2020 Honda Odyssey, Touring, Price, Elite

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2020 Honda Odyssey –  As you know, many American families are choosing to drive crossovers instead of minivans, but for those of you most serious about having an uncompromised family, machine minivan is still the only way to go. That’s why we are checking out the latest version of Honda’s Odyssey.

2020 Honda Odyssey

2020 Honda Odyssey

What You Have To Get From 2020 Honda Odyssey


So, kicking things off with the exterior. The 2020 Honda Odyssey is pretty stylish for a van upfront. All the models come with the signature Honda chrome grip. But the black area is underneath it our metallic black on the elite only as opposed to matte black on the other trims. The headlights also vary by trim with the touring and elite trims getting these entirely LED lights and the other trims getting halogen bulbs.

Finally, at the bottom, all that the base model has fog lights, but they will only be LED on those top two trips. The rest of the styling, the swore, starts to get interesting. Of course, you’ve got these signatures zigzag in the windows.

But you also have a floating roof effect and a seamless piece of chrome that wraps around to the back. All models have the rear chrome accent and the partially LED taillights. So overall, the Odyssey continues to be one of the most exciting minivan designs, and it still stands out from the competition.

Now turning our attention to the wheels, almost every trim gets its unique look. This being the elite, of course, we have the flashiest option the 19-edge machine-finished alloys with gloss inserts. Going down the scale two touring gets you 18-inch contrast alloys. Followed by the EX trims with 18-inch painted alloys and then the LX also with 18-inch alloys.

Coming up to the mirrors, blind-spot monitoring and heating are included in all that the LX and the elite also have power-folding. But in a family vehicle, especially safety is one of the essential parts, and the Odyssey excels here. All that the base LX will include automatic forward emergency braking Lane Keeping Assist adaptive cruise control and automatic high-beam headlights.


All right, so check out the cabin of our 2020 Honda Odyssey. As you can see, nothing much has changed as far as the design is concerned this year since it was freshly redesigned. As your interior material and color options are interested, you continue to have three different choices. Black, gray, or mocha color options, and then you will find cloth seating on the majority of trends.

2020 Honda Odyssey also has a couple of USB ports and an aux jack inside. Next to that, we have the elite exclusive Qi wireless phone charger, two cupholders, and then one of the signature minivan characteristics is just having a big empty blank space right in the front right next to the driver.

So, you can stick just about anything right there as well as a few more outlets. Now that much storage is made possible by the fact that we have this electronic shifter, that’s way up here out of the way Straightforward to use in typical Honda fashion. You’re just going to press the D for Drive. You can press again to go into a sport mode, and surprisingly, we have paddle shifters onboard.

2020 Honda Odyssey Interior

2020 Honda Odyssey Interior

Let’s go into her earth pull down on the trigger, and when you do, you will see a standard backup camera pop up. It does have the current trajectory as well as three different angles. However, there is not a 360-degree camera option. Additionally, the mirrors do tilt down when in reverse to help you see the parking lines better. For the audio system on this model, we have a 550-watt 11 speaker sound system.

2020 Honda Odyssey Specification

All right for our first acceleration and our 2020 Honda Odyssey, I’m pretty impressed. Yeah, it feels sturdy. You know right in line with what you get from a pilot, and you know all the other minivan competitors such as the Sienna. As far as your power ratings it is a 3.5-liter V6 engine, that’s the only option. And it has 280 horsepower 262 pounds of torque. You know, and one of the better things about this engine is just really how smooth and refined it is.

You know even under really hard accelerations like what we just did. It never loses that to refinement. It just was a very refined sounding feeling, and it only really exquisitely delivered that power. It keeps that same refinement, As far as what’s new for 2020 Your ten-speed automatic, not the transmission itself. That was already available in the Odyssey. But the fact that the availability has been expanded now to all of the trims previously.

But as far as the fuel economy is concerned, there that means there is only one combination which is 19 city, 28 highway, 22 combined, which is right in line with most of its other minivan rivals. So, you know, you’re pretty it’s pretty decent fuel economy for something this gigantic.

Honestly Many bands are kind of like a dying breed at this point, and frankly, it’s sad like Car this vehicle as well as some of its rivals. The excellent products and they do a lot of unique things that their crossover counterparts do not do.

2020 Honda Odyssey Price

2020 Honda Odyssey Price

How much the 2020 Honda Odyssey Price?

Usually, at a more affordable price point as well, and honestly, that’s the case here. So, for 2020 Honda Odyssey very base LX, You’re going to have a starting price of $30.690. The LX is $34.690, the XL $37.960. The XL Navi with Hersey entertainment $40.600, Touring $46.690, and then finally, you have the elite, which is what we have here at $47.320 as far as the price increase over last year that’s about $600 on all the other terms.

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