Adventure With 2020 Honda Passport Specs, Changes

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2020 Honda Passport – Call this the passport to adventure! Let’s go ahead and see how Honda’s midsize holds up on this real-life adventure. The beginning things here with the exterior styling, the passports toughened up looks Certainly look appropriate.

2020 Honda Passport

2020 Honda Passport

2020 Honda Passport Detail


Of course, as you can tell, it does share some styling characteristics with the pilot what the change is Honda made make it look significantly more adventure-ready Up front you have. Extensive use of black trims from the headlights down to the bumper, which creates a kind of mask effect like the Audi q8. The highest part of the grille is finished in a high-gloss black While; the lower parts are all matte black to match with the broken trim pieces that trace around the rest of the vehicle.

The headlights, however, are the same as in the pilot, on the touring as well as this elite they are entirely LED with the five-crystal design. But the other terms will still have LED low beams Versus the pilot the turn signal, and the standard LED fog lights are also located in a different area. Moving on to the side, this is the angle where the styling looks the most like the pilot.

2020 Honda Passport Change

2020 Honda Passport Change

But even then, it’s six inches shorter, and if you’re paying attention, you can tell that it sets about an extra inch off the ground versus this Big Brother.

Honda also doesn’t use chrome anywhere on the vehicle, which is why the window trim roof rails and the piece across the tailgate are all black instead. The rear lighting most of the elements are LED, but the turn signal, as well as the separated reverse light, are incandescent. Finally, at the bottom, every 2020 Honda Passport has dual exhaust outlets and the ability to tow up to 5,000 pounds. So overall, Honda didn’t make substantial styling changes from the pilot. They combine up to higher than the number of their parts.

Since this 2020 Honda Passport looks significantly more rugged and doesn’t look out of place even in Yosemite, now turning our attention to the wheels, one of the passports standout features is that every single trim comes with large 20-inch alloy wheels, on the elite we have this five-spoke design finished in high-gloss black and a touring one rang below has the same design.

But finished in pewter gray The Sport and EXL, we have a different five-spoke alloy. That they share once again one finished in black and the other in grey Heading on up to the mirror, they are power adjusting on all models EXL adds heating and blind-spot monitoring touring adds power-folding.

We have to talk about safety, which is an area where the passport definitely stands out Honda, includes the entire Honda sensing suite. As standard equipment on every model, which means even the base trim includes automatic emergency braking and automatic high-beam headlights. Most of the competition restricts these features to only the upper trims or expensive option packages.


So now, let’s check out the inside. Alright, so take a look inside the 2020 Honda Passport Elite that we have; You will notice that it does share most of the same characteristics with the pilot and Honda Ridgeline. As far as interior design, but there are some unique touches around. We will talk about the different interior color and material combinations you can get.

If you’ll be looking at is the option of black grey or beige across all the trims. Even the base model and you will have leather on all but the very base sport model, attorney over here to your door trim. It is very nicely finished you will notice an excellent leather material across the armrest, as well as a padded plastic for all the rest of it. Then all but that very base model will come would be two-person memory seating.

2020 Honda Passport Interior

2020 Honda Passport Interior

As far as your windows, there is one-touch automatic up and down for the driver and the passenger window. To the seat, It is ten wave power adjusting on all that that base sport model, which will come with a six-way manual one instead.

And then there is leather; this is one of the things we have always liked about the passport. The other Honda models and that’s the way they do the perforation design, gives it a lot of character. The cabin materials here in the passport, they are up to Honda’s usual high expectations. So, we do have a soft-touch plastic with a stitching detail that runs across the entire upper dashboard — then dropping down here to the middle. You do have a piano black trim Your lower area.

Now Honda has the newest reconfigurable setup and it is standard across every single trim level. Now you do have two analog gauges on the outside edge, but the vast majority of the information is going to be contained inside of this 7-inch display.

To control, you’re just going to use these little arrows right there. You will notice some specific information Prevalent to this car, and that’s going to be like your all-wheel-drive torque. For instance, you know that’s helpful because you can take this passport off-road Coming back to the steering wheel.

You do have an electric power-assisted steering setup, as well as a beautiful leather, wrapped steering wheel across all models. You have piano black around these buttons here for your audio phone, voice commands, as well as your multifunction display.

We do also have standard adaptive cruise control and heating on the elite, and Touring. Then the steering wheel itself manually tilts and telescoping across the entire range. The best characteristics of the pilot, as well as the ridgeline interior, do carry over to this passport and one of those.

We would consider being an outstanding amount of storage. So, what are the things Honda goes for here, which we don’t think any of the other rivals do choose to do? This is to go with this style armrest here, which can fold up that leaves this entire area open to set something on top of it like a bag or something.

As you can see, we do have the electronic shifter. And this is one of the ways that does say some space allowing for all this extra storage. So this is very simple to use. It’s just push-button style you’re going to press down for drive, press once more to activate sport mode.

That’s where you can start to shift via the standard paddle shifters, which are mounted right there on the steering wheel, and then full reverse you have a different function there. Pull back on this trigger, and when you do, you will notice a standard backup camera is going to fire up across all models, as far as the dynamic guidelines are going to be approved on the EXL. The front and rear parking sensors will be on the touring end up.

We were also noticing that our mirror there does tilt down in reverse to help you see the parking lines. Better orientate in this case here in Yosemite area maybe a rock or something that we may be getting raise your back ends. Now, this button right here is a critical button here on the 2020 Honda Passport, and that’s going to be your drive mode controller. So, we do have healthy, but we also have snow mud and sand modes that, of course, being because this is a Minded adventure vehicle.

2020 Honda Passport Driving

All righty, so let’s go ahead and talk a bit about the powertrain situation. Of course, as you would probably expect, since this does kind of share foundation with the ridgeline and the pilot, you are looking at these same three and a half liter v6 engine, making 280 horsepower, and 260 to pound-feet of torque. That engine is going to be paired with a 9-speed automatic transmission, and what you’ll be looking at is the standard front-wheel drive or the optional torque-vectoring all-wheel-drive system for Every trim except for this elite.

This one’s going to come standard with that torque-vectoring all-wheel-drive system. You also have a standard auto start/stop on this passport. And that does help it get a pretty good fuel economy. So what we rated at is 20 city 25 highway 22 combined. And then when you opt for an all-wheel-drive that’s going to drop to 19 cities 24 Highway, 21 combined. It isn’t worth noting that that is pretty much in line with all the competition.

As far as a personal note from the driving we have done in Yosemite. For the last few days seems like we’re at 3/4 of a tank. Yeah, I’ve been driving a lot. that’s mean, we drove down to Yosemite like twice there in the back, and it’s like a two-hour drive so. This car is the real world here. It does seem like it’s sipping gas even curving up the mountain roads, but anyways with all that said, let’s go ahead and take it out in the street and see how it drives.

The first thing that kind of strikes we just how this car has plenty of power for what it needs, you to know as you probably know this is the same powertrain as what’s in the Pilot and Ridgeline. That comes about 280 horsepower. It is going to be definitely plenty for this type of vehicle.

2020 Honda Passport Price

2020 Honda Passport Price

Passport Price

So, we have the base price of forty-three thousand six hundred eighty, and then you add the destination charge of one thousand and forty-Five dollars to get the total to forty-four thousand seven-hundred twenty-five. Which we have to admit is definitely on the low end of this segment.

A lot of the rivals like the Blazer Murano are going to run you more money than that, and some of them don’t have the off-road capability of this car.

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