2020 Honda Pilot Black Edtion Specs, Changes, Price

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2020 Honda Pilot Black Edtion – Many of you know Honda updated its popular 3-row crossover Extensively last year, but that doesn’t mean they took a break for 2020. What we have with us today is the brand-new pilot black edition, which is now the top trim level of the entire line.

The first thing that strikes us is it has in the past is just how smooth the pilot is Right there. Its focus is definitely on comfort, and you take off, and it’s just buttery quiet this power train the V6 makes like minimal sounds Like zero vibrations or you know, you can’t even feel it or anything like that.

2020 Honda Pilot Black Edtion

2020 Honda Pilot Black Edtion

And it’s just very linear Definitely a lovely powerplant. This is one of the smoothest engines that we’ve ever been in. It. Just always does it does these three and a half liters, especially in like, you know this in the Highlander? They’re just so smooth I get enough to highway speed power definitely feels more than adequate. You know, this is a big three-row vehicle, but yet it doesn’t feel underpowered. Some of the competition does feel underpowered.

2020 Honda Pilot Exterior and Interior

Let’s see what the new 2020 Honda Pilot Black Edtion adds and any other 2020 changes. Starting exterior style, things have taken a more aggressive turn on this black edition. The shape of the fascia was just changed last year, but unlike every other trim in the lineup. The black version is the only one with the black grille instead of the usual chrome finish.

This gives it a particularly sinister look since the only exterior color you can choose is black. But chrome trim aside all the other features are shared with the elite and all other trends stay the same this year. That means you’ll continue to find led low beam headlights and LED daytime running lights across every model. But if you choose the Touring or higher, you’ll get these upgraded entirely LED lights with this crystal design.

Finally, there are LED fog lights on all but the necessary flex. As far as the side and back are concerned, the black edition trades out all the usual elite chrome accents for body color instead. It also smokes out the mostly LED taillights that Honda nicely includes across all trim levels regardless. Along the bottom, you will never find any exposed exhaust outlets, but when properly equipped with a towing hitch, it can handle either 3,500 or 5,000 pounds of towing with front or all-wheel drive, respectively.

Overall, Honda did an outstanding assignment with this refresh last year, and this year’s new black edition now brings another new dynamic to the lineup. Now turning to the wheels, this is the crucial final component that makes the Black Edition stand out. These are the all-black 20-inch accessory wheels, which are included in the black edition. By themselves, pay for the black version upgrade since they are typically offered as a $2,000 option on the elite. Otherwise, the touring and elite continue to share 20-inch contrast alloys and the LX through EXL share 18-inch out.

Moving on to the mirrors, they are heated and have built-in blind-spot monitoring on all. But if you choose these top two trims, you’ll also have power-folding and auto-dimming abilities. Now the last thing we will mention is that the entire Honda Sensing suite of active safety features Continues to be standard on all trims this year.

2020 Honda Pilot Black Edtion Interior

2020 Honda Pilot Black Edtion Interior

Let’s see what’s unique about the black edition on the inside. So, every version of the 2020 Honda Pilot Black Edtion will come standard with this key fob. However, you won’t have some more entry unless you go for thee extra. When you do have the smart entry system, that’s where you’ll also have the remote start systems grown it.

Now, of course, like any Honda getting in super simple, you do have any sensor behind the handle. Checking out the cabin of the 2020 Pilot Black Edition, you can see right off the bat. It does share. Of course, the same design as the refreshed model last year. This Black Edition adds lots of unique touches now every model besides the Black Edition does come with these same three-color choices.

Now, this black edition is based on the elite trim level. So, as you’d expect, it does have the most wonderful staff in the 2020 Honda Pilot Black Edtion lineup, so across your upper dash here, you do have a soft-touch plastic with stitching detail across it. You are then coming to your middle portion that is a soft touch there, and you have some piano black trim, which runs all through the central part.

Those are elite in black condition exclusive, but the steering wheel itself will always be manual tilt and telescoping across the range. Anyways that brings us to one of the pilots’ most reliable places, and that is storage Honda has done a great job with this. It’s just about as much as like in an Odyssey minivan One of the reasons why they’ve gone with kind of the minivan style armrest there. So what this does is free up all the center space so you can set something like right there on top of this storage tray, and you have your removable pad down there.

As well as a 12-volt outlet and a charging USB port, in addition to that, we’ve got our two cupholders. And we have another large storage area right up there in the front great for sticking a phone as you can see. This is a wireless phone charger. It’s going to be that way on the elite and the new edition only, but for the other models, you still do have okay second charging USB port and a second 12-volt.

2020 Honda Pilot Specs

But anyway, guys that sums up all the rear features of the 2020 Honda Pilot. So now, let’s go ahead and talk about this vehicle power trains. Now you get out of the same engine. You’ve got one engine across all the models, but the transmissions change, so you have a 3.5-liter naturally aspirated V6 engine that makes 280 horsepower 262 pounds to work the same as it always has.

But like we were saying, you have two different transmissions. So, you’re going to have a six-speed Automatic transmission with the 2020 Honda Pilot Black Edtion EX, and EXL, and that comes with the traditional shifter then when you go for the Touring. Or above that’s where you’ll get this electronic shifter and the 9-speed automatic transmission.

2020 Honda Pilot Black Edtion Specs

2020 Honda Pilot Black Edtion Specs

As far as to add power to the ground, you have a standard front-wheel drive or optional all-wheel drive on all the trims, until you get to the elite level or this black edition. And they have standard all-wheel drive and then finally for your fuel economy.

You do have a few different ratings since you get the various transmissions. So, what you’ll be looking at is 19 city, 27 highways, 22 combined with front-wheel drive for the six-speed automatic models. Then for the 9-speed automatic models, front-wheel-drive is going to be 20 City, 27 Highways, 23 combined.

It seems like it gets things up to speed well as we said once again just very comfortably very quietly. It just kind of just executed everything in such a way that it just blends into the background. You know, in writing here at 55 miles an hour, we can only say how comfortable, you know like we’ve been mentioning Comfort is the top priority with this pilot.

They’re not trying to mix port in or anything like that, and this is just going to be comforted for all three rows. That’s just going to be a testament to how comfortable this car is going to be if you want to do a road trip everyone and your family is going to be comfortable in this car.

2020 Honda Pilot Price

Discuss the pricing for this 2020 Honda Pilot Black Edtion So the prices we about to mention are for front-wheel drive. So, keep that in mind, for the very base 2020 Honda Pilot Black Edtion LX model, you’re going to start at thirty-one thousand five hundred and fifty dollars. If you want to upgrade to the II X, that’s going to be thirty-four thousand four hundred and thirty.

2020 Honda Pilot Black Edtion Price

2020 Honda Pilot Black Edtion Price

The 2020 Honda Pilot EXL is thirty-seven thousand eight hundred and sixty. The Touring is forty-two thousand six hundred and twenty, and then you have the elite, which is all-wheel drive only. That’s going to be forty-eight thousand one hundred and twenty dollars. Now finally, we have this top-end Black Edition, which definitely you know by far is Based on the elite trim, and that’s not going to cost too much more that’s going to be forty-nine thousand six hundred twenty dollars.

Now, as with pretty much every Honda, there are not many options you pick the trim level that you want. So, once we had in the destination charge of one thousand and ninety-five dollars. This particular model, as equipped, comes in at fifty-thousand seven-hundred and fifteen. Which is you know pretty competitive with the class a lot in this class will talk to a fifty-thousand-dollar price range.

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