2020 KIA K900 Price, Changes, Interior

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2020 KIA K900 Price, Changes, Interior –  So, we’re out at the Chicago Auto Show as you know and this is the 2020 KIA K900 we thought we’d stop by and take a look at this. Because frankly, these are very hard to come by. You know what you guys have been requesting that we review one, but it’s just not something that usually shows up in Kentucky.

2020 KIA K900 Price

2020 KIA K900 Price

What You Have to Get From 2020 KIA K900

So, take a look at it so upfront you can see you have an exquisite design. It goes for elegance over the sport as you’d expect for a flagship luxury sedan. So, you have the beautiful silver grille with your safety systems built into the front here you also have very cool looking LED headlights with the signature daytime running light that gives it a unique look over the top of other types of vehicles.

The side, of course, really accentuates the elegance because you can see just like every flagship luxury sedan incredibly long looking. You also have beautiful large multi-spoke wheels, and then as we come around to the rear, what I like about it is that the back kind of mimics what the design that you have in the front. So, as you can see with these LED tail lights, you have a very similar type of ring design, which looks just like the front headlights, of course, it is surrounded by the chrome. You have the rear design here with large trapezoidal exhaust outlets right through obviously as a flagship sedan.

You do have a full-power trunk, and then once inside, you have an enormous amount of space. We mean this is fantastic, and 2020 KIA K900 does the details right, so you have beautiful and plush carpet, an excellent metal grabs there. Get inside. That’s where the real luxury is. Like we were saying, this is my first time inside of this k900, and we have to say tremendously impressive, you know.

As soon as you get in, if you covered up this Kia badge, you would not have any idea that this was not just a Mercedes or something like that. We like the outside exquisite looking design, of course, as a flagship vehicle. You have leather covering all the upper areas.

This is open-pore wood all through here giant twelve-point three-inch display, which is a lovely touch real metal button. You have a clock, of course, you have heated ventilated seats two-stage heated steering wheel, three-zone automatic climate lots of wood through there. Everything is nicely dampened. You know 2020 KIA K900 paid its interest to the details there with the way that everything you know slides and shuts.

We do have a beautiful center console here felt-lined, of course, got the latest electronic shifter, and you can use this knob here if you don’t want to put fingerprints on the screen, which is a nice touch full digital gauge.

A nice-looking steering wheel this is an original design got the four-spoke with an open-pore wood that trims all through here and leather-covered airbag cover. Then all this is metal so very premium you know you don’t recognize any types of cheap parts or anything like that in this cabin. Then here in the back, this is undoubtedly a charming, relaxing seat. This seat is ridiculously comfortable, and then as far as space, of course, you have tons of it, you can fully stretch out there. Once again you know all the details are right here, we’ve got lots of wood we have ambient lighting.

We have controls for things like the seat here so we can give ourselves more legroom then we’ve got this big console here. This controls all the stuff to do with the infotainment. You can choose your audio control stuff like that. You also have your climate controls. In the back, you know you have the same things as the front. So, you got heated and ventilated seats. We have power sunshades for both the rear window.

We’ve also got a Qi wireless phone charging pad right there, and inside of this, we have another large center console with some charging options. It is nicely felt-lined, and the seats themselves here are entirely power adjusting. So I can extend this out like so recline back like this relax for a minute a nice change of pace there.

How much the 2020 KIA K900 Price?

You force be wondering something does all of 2020 KIA K900 cost you and the window sticker on this one here are $65,000. That’s it guys as you can see this has got all the features of all the latest Mercedes and BMW flagship models. But we’re looking at over a hundred thousand dollars for those models. So, you haven’t insane savings if you can find one of these, you know, since they’re kind of rare, but it’s an absolute bargain.

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