Is The 2020 Kia Rio A Good Car?

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2020 Kia Rio

2020 Kia Rio

What You Have to Get From 2020 Kia Rio

It is pretty simple when it comes to this 2020 Kia Rio. There’s only going to be two trims, the LX and the S. They are like 95% the same as far as on the outside. Starting up in the front, we have the typical Kia Tiger nose grille, you also have a large opening down there at the bottom as well and some silver trim around it. Then checking out the headlights, these are the halogen reef reflector beam headlights. They come standard on both of the trim levels.

If you choose the S model, you can’t option on by function LED. Squatting down at your wheels, this is going to be short and sweet this is the only way you can get the Rio it’s going to be a 15-inch steel wheel with a hubcap. But it is finished in kind of a beautiful dark finish.

Then, as far as on all the models, you’re not going to find blind-spot monitoring. Checking out the rear design of this 2020 Kia Rio, we have to say the back design doesn’t look that inexpensive; it seems kind of like a Forte.

This car also has halogen taillights, and then down there at the bottom, this is going to be an excellent blacked-out rear diffuser. It’s kind of gives a little bit of a sporty look. The differences for the trim levels, the S is going to have one difference, and that’s going to be an S badge right over there on the right side.

You might expect Kia isn’t going to throw in a lot of safety systems standard on this Rio. You’re not going to have any of the rules. However, on the S model, you can option on Ford emergency braking with pedestrian detection.

Checking out the inside of the 2020 Kia Rio, we have to say it honestly doesn’t look that much different than the Forte. You have that same modern Kia design. Now, as you probably expect, you don’t have a ton of different ways to equip this cabin. But Kia does give you a choice between black or grey cloth.

We have to say it does at least have an exciting design. It’s got little x’s and some color contrast stitching, so it’s a pretty attractive looking seat. Turning over here to your door trim, it is just plain black plastic, and everything over there is going to be hard touch.

2020 Kia Rio Interior

2020 Kia Rio Interior

However, your driver’s window is one-touch auto down. As far as the seats themselves, they are going to be six-way manual adjusting across the board. We can already mention you have a very similar design inside of this cabin to other Kia models. The materials are excellent for this class of vehicle. So, everything, of course, is going to be hard touch, including the upper dashboard. But we do have a beautiful silver piece of trim through the metal.

For your gauges, there are just going to be your essential set up. If you go for the S model, you will have a little bit of your larger display right there in the middle. But as far as this one here, this is going to display just your trip information and not anything else.

Coming back to the steering wheel, this is pretty much the latest Kia design. Of course, it is going to be made of urethane, but you will still find all of your multifunction buttons. There is audio phone and voice commands. On this side here, you’ve got your trip and reset buttons for the multifunction display.

You will notice you are missing cruise control, and then over there, you will, or you do have automatic headlights. Jump into interior storage, liking a lot of vehicles in this class if you’re going to be missing an armrest, but that does free up a little bit of space up there in the front.

In 2020 Kia Rio, you got your two cupholders and a big area right here with a USB and aux jack and a 12-volt outlet. So, all in all, I have to say is storage is pretty good for such a small vehicle coming back here to the shifter, of course, it is a traditional shifter. We like it that’d be a nice solid feel that it has you can’t shift manually, so some simulated gear changes right there.

2020 Kia Rio Specification

For the first acceleration, this area has got significant updates for 2020. You know, in addition to that update with the display. We now have a brand-new powertrain set up the entire thing. Starting with the engine that’s going to be a brand new 1.6-liter multi-port injected four-cylinder engine—it makes 120 horsepower and 112 pound-feet of torque. We have to say upon that initial acceleration, we’ve been pretty impressed with it. It’s not bad feels pretty spunky. And we like the way that it gets off the line you know like the way they tune the through our response.

You may or may not be noticing the other update to the powertrain, and that’s that we have a continuously variable transmission on board. The previous six-speed automatic transmission, and we say, may or may not notice me because you have a pretty good ship simulation there with this new continuously variable transmission. So, it does go through years, you know, so depending on how in tune with your car, you are you may not notice the difference. But it is indeed a continuously variable transmission now you know that kind of goes back with what we were saying about getting off the line.

You know sometimes this car is the continuously variable transmissions have to wait for them there’s a little bit of lag something like that. It is not sensing that here. It does seem to be ready and willing to get off the line immediately, which is good. And it gives you a sense of having more power than you do.

Talk about fuel economy; we expect now you’re going to be very happy that that new engine increases the fuel economy for 2020. So, this is a very efficient vehicle, so it’s going to come in at 33 City, 41 highway, 36 combined. Very impressive fuel economy, and it’s worth knowing that’s over five mpg better than the Kia Forte.

2020 Kia Rio Price

2020 Kia Rio Price

2020 Kia Rio Price

At this price point, this 2020 Kia Rio will be the range at $20,000. So, we didn’t know what to expect with that being said. You know we don’t feel that this is the wrong vehicle at all.

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