2020 Kia Soul Ex, Interior, Price

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2020 Kia Soul –  The soul arrived late to the boxcar game! But it proved to have a lethal combination of style versatility and affordability since it quickly killed off all the direct rivals. Now we are here today with the sequel, which is doubling down on all those same characteristics.

2020 Kia Soul

2020 Kia Soul

What You Have To Get From 2020 Kia Soul


Starting with the exterior styling, this, of course, is probably the main reason why the soul has been so successful. The all-new model, many of the same characteristics, stick around, but everything has a meaner look to its knit. The front is the most significant departure since it does away with the Signature Tiger nose grille in favor of a vast lower grille. And two smaller slots above it, of course since this is the 2020 Kia Soul GT line, its fascia is upgraded over the other trims with silver in the middle and the red accent along the bottom.

The other thing that changes a lot between the trims is these lights. Now, we’ve got the regular halogen setup that is on most of the models. The daytime running light and the turn signal are up top, and any actual headlight is in the middle going for the 2020 Kia Soul EX upgrades. You to projector beams, and the GT turbo has full LED lights, and finally, fog lights are included on the X line and non-turbo GT. Moving on to the side, it does continue to be square, but this year there are some new exciting color options.

The 2020 Kia Soul X line, EX, and both GT trims have new multicolor roof and mirror options plus the red accent that all GT lines already get. Then heading around back It is also very unique, looking even on this black model, which hides it a little bit.

Now in all the other colors, the middle part would continue to be black. Creating an exciting Island effect that is hidden in this particular model, but of course, the taillights are the most exciting part since they encompass the entire back. If you get one of the models with LED headlights, then these would also be LEDs. Finally, at the bottom, only the GT models get this aggressive rear diffuser. So overall, this is just a cool looking car Kia has kept the good things about the outgoing model but took out all the cartoonists from the old one.

Now moving on to the wheels, there are a lot of different options to match your style. 2020 Kia Soul being a higher-end model means we have the 18-inch contrast alloys unique to the GT line. However, the X line does also gets 18-inch alloys in a different design. Choosing the EX gets you dark finish 17-inch alloys and then 16-inch alloys and 16-inch steel wheels on the S and LX, respectively. Heading on up to the mirrors, they are painted to be the same color as the roof on most trims. But they are only heated on the GT turbo and the EX.

2020 Kia Soul Interior

2020 Kia Soul Interior


As you can see, It keeps a lot of the fun funky characteristics from the outgoing model, but with a little bit more maturity. Now, as far as your color and material options, Kia does keep it pretty simple, sewing your LX and EX line models. You’re going to have a woven cloth, and then going up to the GT or EX is going to get you this premium cloth and then if you want the leatherette trim. As far as your color choices, you have black or gray options across the board except on the GT turbo with the leatherette, where you’ll have a black and red combination.

That’s her knee over here to your drawer trim. It is nicely finished. So, as you can see, you do have a padded leatherette area for your arm to rest on. This is your standard six-way manual adjusting seat. However, If you go for the EX, you’ll have an eight-way power seat. And if you go for the top-end GT turbo, you’ll be upgraded to a 10-way power. And then like we were saying, this is the premium cloth seat, and it does indeed look very premium but feels pleasant to the touch, and you’ve got the beautiful stitching detail along the side.

Coming back to the steering wheel, this is probably our favorite part of the entire cabin. Just a nice feeling steering wheel a high-quality leather. It is the flat bottom here on the GT line, and it just looks and feels very good. Now you do have your standard affair buttons over here for your audio phone and voice commands. Then over here You’ve got your cruise control as well as your multifunction display. The steering wheel is always manually tilted and telescoping, and you will have the heating on the 2020 Kia Soul GT turbo.

This is the button to defeat your auto start/stop system. In this cabin, you will get your two cupholders. And then up in the very front, you’ve got another considerable bin great for sticking a phone or something like that. As well as to us to 12-volt outlets and a USB port. Now, the floor of this could be a wireless phone charger. If you go for the EX or the GT turbo Now coming back to the shifter here, this is the same shifter as we had in the all-new.

2020 Kia Soul Specs

2020 Kia Soul Specs

2020 Kia Soul Specification

Now there are two different engines available. The vast majority of models are going to come with your 2-liter 4-cylinder, with 147 horsepower and 132 pound-feet of torque. As we said, that’s on all the trims as standard equipment. However, the GT turbo, as we’ve been talking about leading up to this as you would imagine it does have a turbo engine?

It’s got the 1.6 liters turbocharged 4-cylinder from the outgoing generation. And that makes 201 horsepower and 195 pound-feet of torque. Now, as far as the transmission is, there are actually three different options. So, the LX will come standard with a six-speed manual. However, of course, It does have the opportunity for the automatic, and the automatic is now a CVT instead of a six-speed of the last generation.

Then a third option comes on your GT turbo, which has a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic instead of the CVT. As setting power to the ground, it is delivered via the front wheels only. There is not an optional all-wheel-drive system that some of the rivals do offer? And then finally, as far as your fuel economy, the soul is very efficient as you would expect.

So, with this 2.0-liter pair to CVT is rated at 29 in City, 35 in highway and 31 combined. However, you get that manual version that’s going to drop down to 27 combined. Then if you’re wondering what you feel the economy penalty is, if you go for that turbo engine, it’s not very much. You’re going to draw up to 29 combined.

2020 Kia Soul Price

2020 Kia Soul Price

How much the 2020 Kia Soul Price?

As far as the cost is treated for the 2020 Kia Soul, you are going to find pretty affordable pricing now. There are quite a several different trim levels. So for the very base Soul LX with manual transmission. That’s going to come in at seventeen thousand four hundred and ninety dollars.

If you want to move up the trims to the Soul S, that is twenty thousand to ninety, and it is also worth mentioning that you can get the Soul GT line 2.0 litter for the same price of twenty thousand to ninety.

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