2020 Lexus UX F-Sport, Price, Specs, Configuration

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2020 Lexus UX F-Sport – Today’s at the Auto market, any brands can not have enough crossovers, which is why Lexus expanded into the blossoming subcompact crossover segment last year with this Lexus UX. This is the entry point into the entire Lexus brand with a starting price just a touch over $32,000, and now for 2020, Lexus is throwing in even more standard equipment into the equation.

2020 Lexus UX F-Sport

2020 Lexus UX F-Sport

What You Have To Get From 2020 Lexus UX F-Sport


This UX has some similar characteristics to other Lexus models, but also some different ones, one of the same features is the spindle grille. Of course, this is their signature grille, and you do have some differences with this F Sport model. This has kind of black mesh versus the other spiderweb type of design; it also has a different color on the outside edge and separate housing for the fog light.

Now, as far as the headlights, you do have standard LEDs across all the trim levels, which is excellent for $32,000 starting price. This is the standard version where it’s all LED except for this incandescent turn signal, but you can get optional triple beam full LED lights with the three crystals. That is entirely LED now. One of the things we like about this UX is the wheels because you get 18-inch alloys as standard equipment, unlike the bigger in X, which comes standard with 17-inch alloys.

Now, as far as the designs, though, you’ve got two different choices, you have a standard contrast design for the sports models. Then the F Sport models come with this dark finish alloy and then coming up here to your mirrors, you’ve got this typical fresh Lexus design as far as the features the heating is standard. However, you will have to go up to four to the luxury trim if you want auto-dimming or power-folding you, also have the blind spot monitoring integrated within the mirror. That’s going to be available as an option in the premium package until you get up to that luxury model alrighty.

So, before we get to the rear design, we do want to point out that the UX does have a lot of these plastic moldings around the wheels that give it a distinct and almost rugged look and a heading around to the rear. This car has unique design; this looks like absolutely nothing else on the road. It seems a lot like Lexus’s concept car, but as far as the features are concerned, you are going to have full-length LED taillights.

These are entirely LED, which is a very premium touch and down on the bottom, you will have some more of this black molding, and on the F Sport specifically, you will also have this kind of dark graphite trim. That matches what they grill on the front nowhere on the safety front. The Lexus UX is going to shine because it does come standard with the Lexus safety sense 2.0 system.

So, beyond the usual automatic emergency braking, Lane Departure Alert with steering assist adaptive cruise control, and electronic high-beam headlights version 2.0 also includes bicyclist and low-light pedestrian detection road, sign support, and active Lane tracing assist that keeps you centered in your lane. Now most drivers will require you option on expensive packages for that, and it’s very nice that this is standard across all of the UX’s.

2020 Lexus UX F-Sport Interior

2020 Lexus UX F-Sport Interior


Taking a peek inside this Lexus UX, you can tell the thing that strikes me right off the bat is that it looks a lot different than the other Lexus’s. As far as the design is concerned now in terms of your color and material options, every single model is going to come with the new luxe faux leather seating, and then your color options are going to be a black lace caramel birch or birch with a unique blue dashboard.

If you go for the base of the luxury model, then when you choose this escort model, you have the choices between this black here or also a cooling circuit red color. In to door trim it is nicely appointed you will find a leather material here. On your armrest, as well as all the rest, is a soft-touch plastic. All four of your windows are one-touch automatic; you would also find memory seating.

All the UX models you do have push-button start finished in blue. For the hybrid model now, of course, you won’t hear anything begin here on this hybrid model since we did startup with the electric motor but anyways as far as the gauges themselves.

The cool thing, of course, with this as you can press this button there, and then the whole panel will slide off to the side, which will reveal to you the larger multifunction display. Where you can see, you know all the details of what you want to look at whereas. When you put it in this mode here, you have a more basic version, which kind of reduces the clutter down to just the primary gauges.

As far as and the energy displays down in the middle up above that, you have your traction control button. As drive modes and a head-up display are available optionally coming back to the steering wheel, it has electric power-assisted steering. Move into the storage component; we have to say there’s more storage on board than you would expect. For this car, start with our center console here. This is impressively large for a vehicle in this class.

As you can see, you do have a beautiful felt lining at the bottom as well as two USB ports in a 12-volt outlet. Also this does open up from both sides. Which is an excellent party trick up in the front there, we do have our two cupholders you have another large area right there to stick your phone as well as a 12-volt outlet which you can press and have come out of the dashboard.

We do want to point out the one 2020 change, and that is that Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and Amazon Alexa is now supported with the seven-inch display. You do not have navigation, but you will when you get the ten-point three-inch screen.

2020 Lexus UX F-Sport Specification

When you first take off, this is a high red model you have no sound at all. It’s tranquil. It’s just operating in every mode 20 miles an hour, still in the relatively small and lightweight vehicle. So, it will you know with some regular city driving it will stay in the secure mode but when you give it some gas. Then the engine kicks right in like that now. This vehicle is designed for efficiency and not for performance. It is not a quick vehicle. What you’re looking at is 181 horsepower with this hybrid model.

2020 Lexus UX F-Sport Price

2020 Lexus UX F-Sport Price

That’s with the gas engine, and for the hybrid component added together, the gas-powered model is a little less powerful 169 horsepower from its 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine, and then 0 to 60 are a little bit under 9 seconds. So, you know, once again, it’s not going to be an electric vehicle, but this is way more efficient than the competition. You know most of the race just using a standard four-cylinder think it’s average fuel economy where this shines in the fuel economy, and it’s essential to keep in mind you know cars mission when you’re evaluating it.

How much the 2020 Lexus UX F-Sport Price?

It’s knocking it out of the park where it matters here with this UX. If you’re wondering what UX stands for, it stands for the urban explorer, that’s the idea. But we think it does live up to that classification. This is a great urban vehicle you know just driving around the city, a lot of cars we encourage it’s like frustrating. It fell like you want to take it out as the open road, but you can tell this is designed to be in the city like it’s the way that it stays in every mode the time you just go around and perfect peaceful quietness.

You’re achieving nearly 40 miles a gallon combined from a crossover, then you owe, and then all this is packaged together with Lexus luxury also a price tag that is only a little over $30,000.

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