2020 Lincoln Aviator Specs, Price, MPG

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2020 Lincoln Aviator –  So, it’s been a while since we have been able to bring you guys a Lincoln, but we’re happy to say we’re back in business and starting with none other than this beautiful 2020 Lincoln aviator.

2020 Lincoln Aviator

2020 Lincoln Aviator

That’s a pretty big deal because ten years ago Lincoln had an SUV called. The Aviator, it was generally agreed to be one of the worst luxury SUVs on sale it was just a Finley rebadged Ford Explorer with cheap plastic everywhere, but that is no longer the case the new aviator is an entirely different vehicle, and it proves that Lincoln is an altogether different brand.

Aviator Exterior

The exterior is the area that has drawn a lot of attention since it debuted Even though it does share its basic structure with the Ford Explorer. There is not a single body panel in common between them. So up in the front, you’ll notice nothing but the latest 2020 Lincoln Aviator to sign language.

All models get this classy chrome grille but do be aware that the black label subs in a different interior texture. Turning to the headlights, there are two different designs for this, as well. And what you’re looking at here is the premium setup called adaptive pixel LED lights with dynamic bending abilities.

The other version is still LED, but with a slightly different design, Underneath you have the LED turn signal and LED fog lights on all but the base model. Now beyond dynamics, the aviator benefits from its rear-drive platform in how high are proportions on. It has a long low hood and raked-back windshield, which makes it look almost as long as the navigator, though.

It’s 10 inches shorter than the smallest navigator. Heading around to the rear, the athletic look continues with a rear design that emphasizes with Lincoln is spelled out across the back. You have full-length LED tail lights, and then things are finished off with very nice-looking quad exhaust outlets.

It is strong evocative Classy, and athletic-looking, which is a hard combination for a brand to achieve. Now, another thing 2020 Lincoln Aviator has been killing recently is their wheel designs. Every version of the aviator has contrast alloys starting at nineteen inches on the standard 20 inches on the reserved or these fantastic-looking optional 22s. The black label also comes with 22s, but of course, in the signature turbine design.

As far as the mirrors, they have all the goodies as standard equipment like heating power-folding auto-dimming. Finally, wrapping up the outside, we want to mention that the tow rating of sixty-seven hundred pounds is quite a bit better than most of the front wheel drive-based rivals.

2020 Lincoln Aviator Interior

2020 Lincoln Aviator Interior

Aviator Interior

The 2020 aviator, as you see, it does have the latest 2020 Lincoln Aviator design language definitely draws a lot of influence from the flagship navigator. When you start on the base standard model, that’s going to come with leatherette and your choice of ebony or sandstone colors. Then when you go for the reserve, that’s what we have here. You get premium leather, and you add the additional options of ebony roast and slate gray colors. Now for the Black Label, that’s your top-end model.

Turning over here through your door trim, it is beautifully finished. We do have a nice leather padded armrest here with the color contrast stitching this top part is soft-touch plastic as well. Coming over here, we do have three-person memory seating. This is standard on every aviator. Then as far as our seat controls, they are located here on the door kind of Mercedes style on this specific example instead of these standard 12-way power seats.

We do have a soft-touch plastic Dropping down here to the middle. You’ll notice running back behind the display. We have this piece of wood trim and then through this middle area. We have a leatherette with color contrast stitching and some piano black. As we drop-down, you’ll see those same materials continue with your genuine wood trim.

What we’re looking at here has going to be your standard twelve-point three-inches fully reconfigurable gauge cluster. Now coming back here to the steering wheel a little bit, we don’t want to point out this display is controlled with this bit of knob here, and what’s neat about this is these buttons adapt. So, what we will do is push down here for these settings as you see all the others button this other button.

Disappeared, so we have just back and okay right now. So, I’ll go over to display setup and show you kind of just some different things you can reconfigure It’s not as reconfigurable as some rivals as far as Audi virtual cockpit or Mercedes, but you can do things turn on and off different information screens right there.

There are three different audio systems in this model. We have the highest possible and one since we have the reserve to package. This is also shared with the black label, and it is a 28-speaker revel Ultima 3d audio system. This car has 10.1-inches on all the models, and it will be synchronous with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay on all the trims.

2020 Lincoln Aviator Specs

2020 Lincoln Aviator Specs

Power, Transmission, MPG

The standard engine option and gets more powerful from there if you can believe that. But we’re not going to talk about the hybrid powertrain today. This is the three-liter twin-turbo V6. It already produces 400 horsepower and 415 pound-feet of torque. And it definitely feels like it caught us off a guard almost, you know, we knew it had plenty of power but a Lot of crossovers that you review usually it’s just they all feel pretty much the same. Yeah, and which is not that powerful to us.

This kind of feels almost like It’s getting close to like BMW MOD those types of vehicles, and that’s definitely a compliment here because this is just the standard engine. It is worth noting that if you’re going to compare this to a Cadillac XT6.

That’s like ninety more horsepower than that car, and you are definitely going to feel that difference. You know when you compare the two and say this primary share roots with the Explorer. Of course, that does mean it’s moved on to a rear-drive architecture now.

It’s very light Like we was talking about with the luxury theme of this car. Now according to my notes, there is a 10-speed automatic transmission on this, and the reason we say according to my records is that we can’t tell when these car shifts at all. It is one of the best transmissions. We know we’ve said it and past reviews this Ford and Lincoln 10 speed automatic transmission.

In terms of fuel economy, what you’re going to be looking at you’re not going to pay too much of a penalty for that potent engine as the rear-wheel-drive model comes in an 18 city, 26 Highway, 21 combined. On the all-wheel drive is 17 city, 24 highway, 20 combined.

How Does 2020 Lincoln Aviator Price?

The prices we go to mention are for the real rear-wheel-drive model, so for the standard, you’re going to start at fifty-one thousand one hundred dollars. And for the reserved as we have here, that’s going to be fifty-six thousand one hundred ninety. Now, if you want to go all the way to that top-level black label Model, that’s going to be seventy-seven thousand six hundred ninety-five dollars.

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