2020 Mercedes GLB 250, 4Matic, AMG, Price

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2020 Mercedes GLB 250 –  We live in wherever crossovers are essential. So, brands are offering a ton of new nameplates to make sure they have something for everyone. This all-new Mercedes GLB is one of those models Filling the space between the swoopy GLA and GL c with something boxier and unique.

2020 Mercedes GLB 250

2020 Mercedes GLB 250

What You Have To Get From 2020 Mercedes GLB 250


So, starting things off here with the exterior styling any similarities. 2020 Mercedes GLB 250 shares under the skin to other Mercedes models is certainly not reflected in the way. It looks Besides for the flagship G-Wagon.

This is the only Benz that could be characterized as boxing, which is seen particularly in the very upright grille design. This is the standard front end, but there is also an AMG line package offered which substantially changes not just the grille, but also the lower bumper areas.

However, as far as the headlights, their design stays the same no matter which model you choose. As you can tell, these are entirely LED headlights, and for $900, you can add adaptive abilities, and auto-dimming standard models also have fog lights.

But the AMG line does without them as far as the rest of the styling you can tell just how squared off things are, especially in the sight profile now dimensionally. This is sized much closer to the GLC than the GLA since it’s only 1.7 inches shorter though something about the styling does make it look smaller than it is.

Then around back, it is pretty rugged to look at with black cladding a large rear window and LED tail lights that set low down on the body, and then finally at the bottom, you do have a chrome piece with two integrated exhaust outlets.

So, all, in all, the styling of this 2020 Mercedes GLB 250 will not be everybody’s cup of tea, but that’s precisely the point. It is designed to appeal to a different person than the GLA, which is something we think will be successful at doing, and moving on to the wheels, there are quite a few options as you’d expect.

You can probably tell that these are the base 18-inch alloys, but there are also three 19’s options and two 20-inch options available. Heading up to the mirrors, they are always heated, but power-folding and auto-dimming are part of the premium package.

Additionally, blind-spot monitoring is further available for five hundred and fifty dollars. Now in regards to the other safety systems, Mercedes does also throw an automatic forward emergency braking with pedestrian detection as standard equipment.

2020 Mercedes GLB 250 Interior

2020 Mercedes GLB 250 Interior

Then choosing the driver’s assistance package will give you active Lane Keeping Assist Evasive steering assist and active BSM. As well as the advanced adaptive cruise control system called active distance Assist Distronic.


Taking a look here inside this brand new 2020 Mercedes GLB 250 You’re gonna notice there is some family influence from that new a-class and CLA. That was introduced earlier in the year. You are now talking about your color and material options. You do have quite a few since this is a Mercedes, after all. So, what you’re going to start with is the in V-Tech synthetic leather, that’s what we have here.

Everything does fit together very well. You do have a standard push-button start, and when you start up here, you’re going to notice not one but two displays. Now, these two displays are part of your brand-new MB-UX system. Just like in the a-class. Both of these displays get upgraded to ten point two five inches to make this very lovely long looking seamless looking display.

You are now focusing on the gauges here exclusively. So, what you do is just control with this little touch-sensitive pad and all three of these sectors. Here are fully customizable. So, you can swipe through, and as you can see, you’ve got a ton of different things you can put into each section, basically even swipe over here and change different display modes.

Now you could also get a head-up display. But on this lower-end model, we do not have it. Soon coming back to your steering, do have electric power-assisted steering, and all models will come with a leather wrap steering wheel. As you can see, you do have like we said, they touch-sensitive buttons Up here for this side, and then these are for the other display.

We also do have standard rain-sensing wipers on every model, and the steering wheel itself manually tilts, and telescoping heating is available as a two hundred- and fifty-dollars standalone option. Now, as far as the shifter, just like every Mercedes model, you’ve got the column-mounted shifter.

So, for a drive, you just push down. As you can see, we do have paddle shifters. These are standard across the board, and then for reverse, you push up the opposite direction.

Now in this specific model here, we do have the regular back up camera with the current trajectory. However, if you go for the driving assistance package, you’ll have a 360-degree camera system as well as the ability to park in both vertical and parallel parking spots automatically. This is quite large. It goes down a decent amount of space there, and it is felt-lined. There is one USB port inside of it as well Up in front of that. You have some blank space if you have your cup holders right there, and then you have a considerable bin up here in the front.

This is also very deep. It has excellent rubberized material right there. So, things won’t slide around, and then you’ve got a 12-volt outlet as well as your second USB type-c port. Wireless charging is also available as a standalone option.

2020 Mercedes GLB 250 Specification

This engine is shared with the CLA; it’s a different version than our American version of the a-class. So, it is more potent than that now as far as the actual numbers themselves looking at 221 HP and 258 lbs-feet of torque from a 2-liter turbocharged four-cylinder.

2020 Mercedes GLB 250 Price

2020 Mercedes GLB 250 Price

It is worth noting that the GLB 35 AMG will be coming that’s said to have 302 horsepower, but that’s not out right now. There will be 2021, and that would be at the end of next year. So, you have a full year if that’s tomorrow wait out wait for and just kind of Cruising down the road. We’re going around 45 miles an hour. This is where we kind of imagine most gaps will end up being kind of in the city.

Just kind of a little city car and you know, it does handle it very well. You see, I’m going to say that the ride quality. It does feel pretty distinctly different than most Mercedes-Benzes is still smooth and still quiet. We do have a little bit more of a rugged feel, as you would expect from the outside styling. But it still is very comfortable. That’s Uses an 8-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission versus the 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission and the SIP dance.

That’s certainly very nice to have a compact crossover in the city. You know, and with that, another thing that might be important to you for that type of Vehicle is fuel economy. And this car does very well with that. So, for the two GLA, the GLB 250 front-wheel drive.

You’re going to be looking at 23 City, 30 highway, 26 combined. And then for the oh-oh wheel drive model that’s going to have a little bit of an increase in fuel economy. So, it’s going to be 23 City, 31 highway, 26 combined.

How much the 2020 Mercedes GLB 250 Price?

All righty, so you might be curious as to how this new GLB is positioned in a Mercedes lineup price-wise. And we were going to tell you it’s between the GLA and the GLC as you would guess from the name. So, for the 2020 Mercedes GLB 250 front-wheel drive, that’s going to start at thirty-six thousand six hundred dollars.

And then you have this one here, which is the GLB 250 4matic for a thirty-eight thousand six hundred dollars. Now at the beginning of the production run, it does seem like Mercedes is shipping out the more basic GL B’s.

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