2020 Mercedes GLS 450 Specs, Redesign, Price

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2020 Mercedes GLS 450 Specs, Redesign, Price – What’s up so back in a few months ago we brought you guys one of these reviews of the all-new goes and now that it falls it’s time for its Big Brother the 2020 GLS to hit. The lots Mercedes is billing this as the s-class of SUVs which is a bold statement and one that. Of course, if you’re in the market for any new Mercedes, make sure you stop by the dealership.

2020 Mercedes GLS 450 Redesign

2020 Mercedes GLS 450 Redesign

2020 Mercedes GLS 450 Detail


So, with that, all said let’s see if this new 2020 Mercedes GLS 450 beats all the rivals, so starting with the exterior, as always Mercedes has mostly evolved. The classy looks of the outgoing. The most familiar angle is definitely head-on with the front since it has a very similar to bar grill with. The giant Mercedes emblem in the middle what’s more different is the sporty-looking area under the restaurant, and the new advanced headlights these full LED lights are now standard equipment.

A Mercedes brags that each unit has 120 individual bulbs to produce the maximum allowable brightness on us roads now it is also worth. The new AMG line model does tweak the front design, but not to the same extent as in the GLC and GLE since it does opt out of the typical diamond grill finish.

Well, it does look familiar to a certain extent the rest of the design does venture further from the outgoing model length is up about three inches, and the side profile overall looks. A lot smoother, and as far as the back, it looks significantly different in particular because of these super-slender LED taillights replacing the previous box.

Even along the bottom, there is a chrome-accented diffuser and do horizontal exhaust pipes again with a slightly different design. On the AMG line models and while we’re down there, we will go ahead and mention the Maxtor rating of seventy-seven hundred pounds for the 450, which is about three hundred pounds more than the equivalent BMW X7.

So, all in all, the design of this all-new 2020 Mercedes GLS 450 is a pure class which is notable in a segment of sometimes gaudy and overwrought offerings now you can spice up the design by choosing some of the flashy or wheel options.

Like these 21-inch triplet five-spoke alloy 19-inch alloys are standard and there are eight other options all leading up to the insane 23-inch wheels on to 580, next up we have the mirrors which are always fully loaded with Heating auto-dimming power-folding and blind-spot monitoring.

In addition to the BSM system, every GLS will come with automatic forward emergency braking and have the option of adding the driver’s assistance package. That grouping will include active link keeping assist and active BSM, which can both steer you out from harm’s, as well as the semi-autonomous adaptive cruise control system called active distance Assist Distronic.


Anyways that’s it for the evolutionary exterior but now let’s get to the revolutionary changes on the inside. You’re walking up to the all-new 2020 Mercedes GLS 450. You will notice a couple of changes right off the bat. First of all, we do have Mercedes brand your crucial fob, and additionally, you will find the keyless sensors on the door handle.

Those are now standard equipment you also have remote start via the Mercedes me an app that is free for three years now. Of course, walking up to the vehicle, all you got to do is grab the handle, and the sensor will unlock the doors and fold out the mirrors, alright.

2020 Mercedes GLS 450 Interior

2020 Mercedes GLS 450 Interior

So, taking our first look inside the brand-new GLS as you see, it’s got a very high-tech and sophisticated looking cabin. You’ve also got a ton of different interior colors and material combinations, as is typical with Mercedes models along the flagship SUV. What you’re looking at on the standard model is an M-VTEC synthetic leather. That’s actually what we have since this is a pretty lowly equipped model most of the ones shipping out right now.

Don’t have a ton of options actually; nevertheless, this finished in the black color scheme, but we also have macchiato beige espresso or magma gray color options. You also have optional real leather on the 450 or standard on the 580 that comes in the same colors plus a particular Tartufo color scheme, and then furthermore, you have a final option that’s going to be full Nappa leather.

That comes in a black and grey combination. Then in regards to your interior trims, there are about 10 of them. You have aluminum or gray Lindenwood as the standard equipment. Also, gray oak brown walnut metal does. NGO brown ash and brown lines linden now turning over there to your door trim.

2020 Mercedes GLS 450 Cargo Space

2020 Mercedes GLS 450 Cargo Space

To start the 2020 Mercedes GLS 450, he was going to press the button, and when you press it, you will see this standard twelve points three-inch display fire up. It is part of the brand-new MB UX system, which is included in every GLS, and that does go with the 12.3-inch gauge cluster. We just said these gauges here are standard on every model, and they are fully reconfigurable. This is the newest Mercedes set up so you can reconfigure all three of these tiers.

2020 Mercedes GLS 450 Specs

Let’s go ahead and get out on the road and see how this all-new powertrain performs. All right, so let’s go ahead and talk about the advanced powertrain options. For this vehicle, one of these powertrain options is going to be familiar. That is a three-liter inline-six with what Mercedes call as EQ-Boost.

It’s a mild hybrid system. That’s going to work, of course, different situations to give you a little bit of boost of power, and also power different things like the advanced auto start-stop system, which will show you in the test drive portion but as far as your control it’s going to be 362 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque. Which we will point out is more standard power than either the BMW X7 or the Audi Q7.

If you want to go all-out, they do offer you another option, the GOS 580, and that’s going to pair a four-liter twin-turbo V8 also with the same EQ boost system for a total of 483 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque. That’s more power than the BMW X750i, but that’s pretty crazy power, and that’s not even an AMG there.

It definitely will be an AMG or something follow probably next year or something like that. As far as your transmissions, you’ll be looking at a 9-speed automatic transmission, and every one of these is going to ship with 4matic four-wheel-drive 0-60 for the 450 version.

Which is what we have is going to be at 5.9 seconds. You’re going to be looking at a pretty decent amount less if you go for that 580, and lastly, the only fuel-economy number is available. Right now, are going to be for the 2020 Mercedes GLS 450 models, and that’s going to be rated at 19 City, 23 Highway 21 combined, which all told is pretty good given how significant this vehicle is all right.

Let’s take it on the road and see how all these systems work together, alright, so we just got a little short initial takeoff here in the GLS, but power is definitely feeling good right from the start. They’re remarkably good now we drove the GL e450 they’ll share the same powertrain this is a bigger vehicle so we’ll see if you can tell too much of a difference, we had right compared the weights or anything like that.

2020 Mercedes GLS 450 Change

2020 Mercedes GLS 450 Change

Of course, there’s a little bit longer, and stuff but should be a pretty familiar driving experience to that, which would undoubtedly be a good thing in our opinion, just kind of trying to take this in for a second because you know we’re cruising down 40-45 miles an hour, and that almost no car on the market has like the level of isolation that.

GLS 450 Price

As far as the pricing is concerned for this 2020 GLS, you’re going to find rough pricing in line with what it was last year, so for the very base 2020 Mercedes GLS 450 4matic, that’s going to start at seventy-five thousand two hundred dollars.

Now if you want to make that jump to the 580 which we were talking about in the powertrain section that compelling option, That’s going to go all the way up to ninety-seven thousand eight hundred dollars, but it is worth knowing that that does come with more standard equipment than this 450 model.

Now, as far as how this particular one is equipped, the beginning of the production run is tending to be on the lower end of things, so we do only have a few options.

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