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2020 Subaru Crosstrek –  So, Subaru is one of the most experienced automakers when it comes to crossovers. That’s why they offer a flavor in basically every size category. The Crosstrek first hit the streets back in 2013. Subaru took the Impreza wagon and lifted it because that’s what it is.

It’s a lifted wagon since then there has been a redesign. It is now sitting on Subaru’s global architecture that helps make a better Crosstrek more room inside, it’s a more rigid structure, and when it comes to safety standards, this thing is five-star plus now.

2020 Subaru Crosstrek

2020 Subaru Crosstrek

When the Crosstrek first hit the scene here in the United States, it was called the Subaru XV Crosstrek, other parts of the world. They didn’t even call it a Crosstrek. They just called it the XV. Well, Subaru did something brilliant to simplify the whole process. They dropped the XV, and now they call it the Crosstrek.

What You Have To Get From 2020 Subaru Crosstrek


Beginning on the outside, this is your typical 2020 Subaru Crosstrek with that signature clean and simple look. Unlike a lot of the rivals, the grille is small, with only one chrome flourish, and there is some rugged black trim along the bottom. As far as the headlights, you’ll continue to find these steering adaptive LED headlights on the Limited trim. Only Plus for 2020 Subaru has added LED fog lights to this limited instead of the previous halogen lights.

The only other thing to mention upfront is the 8.7 inches of ground clearance, which is unusually large for something in this size category. Now, as far as the side and back are concerned, the same styling elements continued. Crosstrek is more significant than a lot of the competition, and the rugged looks amplified it. The partially LED taillights also have a chunky design to them, and finally, even the base model has roof rails.

Now coming to the wheels, there continue to be a couple of different options. These are the limits heads 18-inch alloys with a fresh contrast design. But even if you go for one of the lower trims, you still get 17-inch wheels with basically the same model. For the mirrors, they are heated, and body-color did all, but the base trim and a limited adds turn signals and standard of light spot monitor.

Now Subaru’s are also known for their safety, which is why for 2020. They went ahead and expanded the eyesight safety package across the entire lineup. Adaptive cruise pre-collision braking and Lane Keeping Assist are included in that Plus. The limited further throws and reverse auto braking and auto high beam headlights. So that’s going to conclude everything on the exterior.

2020 Subaru Crosstrek Interior

2020 Subaru Crosstrek Interior


Now taking a peek inside the cabin itself 2020 Subaru Crosstrek is not a refreshing year for this cross-track. So, it does remain mostly the same. However, as you can see, it is very aesthetically pleasing. Now Subaru doesn’t offer a vast number of color and material options. So, what you’ll be looking at on the basement premium trim is cloth seating and then when you go for the limited.

That’s where you’ll get the leather, and then as far as your color options; you have the black or gray options across the board. Checking out your gauges there, this is the typical Subaru affair, mostly analog. This car has a 4.2-inch multi-function display, which can go through some basic stuff. Now, if you choose to have the limited trim, that’s where you’ll also have this secondary 6.3-inch display thrown in. That, too, is controlled via the steering wheel-mounted button.

Opening up the center console here, you have a pretty nicely sized bin right there. Reasonably deep and inside, you have two charging USB ports as well as a 12-volt outlet. From that, we have a couple of cupholders; then we have a beautiful and large bin up here in the front Great for sticking your phone. That’s got two more USB ports as well as an aux jack and a second 12-volt outlet.

The most models are going to come with a six-speaker sound system. However, on this limited, we have an option for the upgraded 432-watt 8 speaker Harman Kardon sound system.

2020 Subaru Crosstrek Specification

For this type of vehicle. 2020 Subaru Crosstrek 152 horsepower 145-pound feet of torque from a 2-liter boxer four-cylinder. Now you do have a pretty smooth ride. It’s you know what we would find acceptable for this class. Now you also have the option to choose a 6-speed manual.

That’s standard on both the base and the premium model. Well, when you go over to the limit, you have a standard of the CVT. There is also a little bit of a shift simulation as you could tell, and as we mentioned, you could Shift with paddle shifters through some simulation gear changes as well.

Now one of the things we want to talk about is this new drive mode; we have the “S” drive. That and see what happens revs a lot. Yeah, it increases the throttle response. Now, this model does have a more sensitive throttle response. Then like the Forester and Outback, it’s kind of the older style Subaru’s that’s any of, the older Subaru’s driven.

2020 Subaru Crosstrek Price

2020 Subaru Crosstrek Price

As far as the fuel economy is concerned, the CVT is rated at 27 cities, 33 highway, 30 combined. The manual You’re going to be paying the price at the pump if you want to go for the manual. That’s going to be 22 cities, 29 highway 25 combined.

How much the 2020 Subaru Crosstrek Price?

The base model starts at twenty-two thousand one hundred and forty-five dollars. And then you have the premium that’s twenty-three thousand one hundred ninety-five. Then finally, you have the limited, which is what we have here, which starts at twenty-seven thousand three hundred ninety-five.

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