2020 Toyota Camry Release Date, Redesign, Rumor

2020 Toyota Camry Release Date, Redesign, Rumor – While you may have heard a lot of gloom and doom surrounding sedan sales recently. The truth of the matter Is that mid-size sedans remain one of America’s top segments, and the Camry is still the best-selling in that class.

2020 Toyota Camry Release Date

2020 Toyota Camry Release Date

That’s why we’re out at Frankfurt Toyota this beautiful fall morning to check out the newest 2020. See what’s changed for this year. Of course, if you’re in the market for any new Toyota, make sure you stop by this dealership or visit them virtually via their website.

2020 Toyota Camry Detail


If the 2020 Toyota Camry is still ahead of all the newest competition, kicking off this review with the exterior styling, it honestly always surprises us. Just how bold Toyota went with this latest generation as an owner of an older Camry. The difference is night and day, especially if you choose one of these sport-oriented trims. Now Toyota divides the exterior styling into luxury or sports themes. Both SE and XSE will share this grille design though.

The XSE is finished in a plainer matte black instead of this metallic on the luxury-oriented. Like le and xle, the fascia is different from either matte black or metallic gray bars that go across the entire front end, Turning our attention to the headlights.

Toyota nicely includes LEDs standard across all trims, but only the X trims will have this fancier arrangement which makes all the other elements. Also LED Now moving on to the side there is one element that continues to stand out vs. rivals. That’s this black contrast roof mirrors and spoiler. This is offered as an option on the X se only, and it can be paired with this white Silver or blue for a very sporty look of Course around back.

2020 Toyota Camry Redesign

2020 Toyota Camry Redesign

The aggression does continue with sports models having an aggressive lower diffuser with either dual or quad exhaust outlets here on the XSE You also notice on this specific one. We have blacked-out badging, which is a nice touch.

Now obviously, the le and the xle will look substantially more reserved beside the LED tail lights, which vary the number of LEDs by price instead. Overall the Camry continues to offer something for every taste, and to my eyes, this version is beautiful not just for a Camry but period.

Moving on to some of your other features, there are different wheel options for each trim level this xse comes with the largest one’s 19-inch contrast alloys, and then the SE has similar looking ones just 18 inches instead. On the other side of things, the xle has 18-inch chrome-finished alloys Le has 17-inch alloys, and the L has 16-inch steel wheels with covers.

Next up, we have the mirrors which are heated and have standard blind-spot monitoring on the X trims. However, besides that BSM exception, all the other active safety features are standard across all five trims.


So, coming up to our 2020 Toyota Camry we do have the smart entry system here on the XSE as well as the X le and then you can optionally System via the convenience package to the Le or the SE You also have remote start available for a six-month trial period via the Intune application.

Now getting inside the vehicle itself, there is a sensor behind the handle, so you can’t grab it.  It is still surprising to see a camera with a red interior. Of course, red is not going to be everybody’s cup of tea. So on your sport trams XSE and se you also have the options of black or grey.

And then on your luxury trims, you have black ash or macadamia as far as the actual materials themselves on the L and le you have cloth seats. On the SE You have soft Tex faux leather trim seats, and then, of course, on your 2x trims, it is full real leather. Now turning over here if you’re door trim as you can see, it is very nicely finished. You do have the red leather that goes all through even have red plastic for the speaker grille, which is unique, looking at all the areas.

Now, as far as your seat It is the 8-way power-adjustable 2-way lumbar support that’s gonna be standard on every model except the base L And then like we said, that is real leather. It does feel beneficial, and it’s got a pretty impressive design with different types of perforation as well as this accent. For 2020 you’re not gonna find any changes to the cabin design or materials. Still, be looking at a soft-touch Dashboard across the whole upper part and then dropping down here to the middle.

You have this faux aluminum trim on your sport trims or wood trim. If you go for the luxury model now, you do have a leather wrap material through here, which will be the same color as your seating choice, and Then all your other plastics and stuff do fit together exceptionally well.

Now on models with the smart entry, you’re just going to push the button to start, and when you do, you’ll notice either a seven inch or this eight-inch display fire up. The eight-inch display will be standard on your X SE and XLE. As far as your gauges here, they do continue to be two different setups, You’ve got the premium setup which comes on the X trim.

That’s what we have here with the 7-inch display versus the 4.2-inch show on the other models. The actual information and stuff though It is pretty much the same, so you can scroll through all this different type of information here. Including for your standard safety systems, you can make adjustments right there.

Now we don’t have it on this particular model, but there is a giant 10.2-inch head-up display offered in the driver-assist package. Soon coming back to the steering wheel, we do have electric power-assisted steering, and you do have a leather wrap steering wheel on the SE and up as far as your buttons.

2020 Toyota Camry Rumor

2020 Toyota Camry Rumor

These are for your multifunction display phone and audio controls than on this side. You have some of your buttons for your safety systems, your standard adaptive cruise control as well. As far as the steering wheel itself, it is manually tilted, and telescoping on all models and heating is unavailable now.

As far as interior storage, the camera does not quite a lot for a vehicle of this size. The first component of that is this large center console, which is pretty deep and felt-lined. You also have two cupholders, and You will notice a tray with your Qi wireless phone charger on there.

That is an option if you have the audio package, but you can slide that back to reveal a much deeper area, a great place to kind of hide things and Stow things away. So, the use of the junk is not setting here exposed and then also has a 12-volt outlet and a USB port. In addition to the two USB ports inside the center console, as far as your shifter is concerned, you have a regular traditional shifter pull back for drive bump to the left to shift manually.

Of course, on your Sport rims, which will be your SE and XSE, you do have standard paddle shifters as well. Then when you go into reverse, You will notice a standard back up camera on every model now. You will have to go for the X’s trim to get dynamic guidelines like this model has. However, it also has a pretty unique feature. You have the option of a 360-degree bird’s-eye camera if you go for that drivers assist package that I already mentioned.

Additionally, we do have an electronic parking brake that engages automatically when you put the vehicle in a park you also have a brake hold feature, and these are your three drive modes right there. Now heading on up to your climate controls, there are several different setups here on the Camry. Go ahead and take a sample of that sound quality of this system is excellent. One of the best sound systems we have ever heard in a midsize sedan.

2020 Toyota Camry Driving

The powertrain and take it on a quick spin. That brings us here to the powertrains for 2020. We got these same options as last year. Which is going to be your traditional two and a half year four-cylinder engine, which most of them will have, including this model.

That’s going to be producing 203 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque for your le SE and xle. However, here on just the XSE Toyota gives it a little extra only three more horsepower and two more pound-feet of torque. Well, that doesn’t that make a difference, but they still give you a little extra for choosing the XS II.

Now, of course, on your ex trims, you’d also have the option of getting a three and a half liter v6 engine that still makes 301 horsepower and 267-pound feet of torque. This standard configuration of the camera you’re looking at an 8-speed automatic transmission, power will be sent to the front wheels only then there are a lot of different combinations of fuel economy.

So, your L is going to be the most efficient at 34 combined, the le and se are 32 mixed. The xle and X se or 31 combined, and then if you choose to get at the v6 engine that’s going to drop you 226 mixed all definitely very class-competitive numbers.

The four-cylinder model. The majority of you guys are going to choose this model. Maybe more people will get the V6, now that the TRD model is going to be rolling out. Since that’s going to bring the entry price of the V6 down but, here on this four-cylinder power is pretty good 203 horsepower and on this particular model 206 horsepower. That’s definitely more than most in the class offer, and it certainly does feel plenty pappi for a basic engine.

Sometimes you guys probably know we actually drive an older 2020 Toyota Camry and then several family members on other generations of Camrys, so Then we had plenty of time in the seat of Camry as you could say.

This car is still very much focused on; you know being comfortable for everyone in your family. The most significant improvement of this generation of Camry has got to be the whole like dynamics of the vehicle switching to the new TNGA platform. And just they’ve buttoned down the driving dynamics previous generations of the Camry or we’re not sporty in any way shape or form, you know, but this feels pretty button-down the steering it is still light.

But it’s very accurate and precise, and it just feels pretty good to toss around. A significant change from other cameras that I’ve driven Now one thing I do want to kind of note is that this engine is Probably louder we were talking about this. It is probably louder than other generations the Camry seems we don’t know.

It just seems like it comes into the cabin. A little bit more than previous generations, and that’s definitely like a four-cylinder type of deal if you want that level of refinement. You’re probably succumbing to want to go for the V6 Even if you don’t need the extra power because you are going to possibly get a lot more Refinement when it comes to the engine. In terms of the noise coming into the cabin, that’s right. This has a pretty tossable nature to it.


Talking about the pricing for this 2020 Camry, the basic L model comes in at twenty-four thousand two hundred and ninety-five dollars.

The Le twenty-four thousand eight hundred and forty the SC twenty-six thousand and forty dollars. Then as you go up to the ex-trim, the xle is twenty-nine thousand three hundred and twenty-five dollars, and this model, the XSE is twenty-nine thousand eight hundred and seventy-five.

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