What Big Changes Does 2021 Chevy Colorado Bring?

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2021 Chevy Colorado –  Less than a decade ago it appeared that the mid-sized truck segment was dead and gone for good, but in recent years there has been a total rejuvenation now, hot on the heels of the new ranger and gladiator. Chevy is updating its colorado to make it more competitive than ever before. So without further, let’s, go ahead and check out this refresh colorado and see how it stacks up.

2021 Chevy Colorado Performance

2021 Chevy Colorado Performance

What You Have to Get From 2021 Chevy Colorado

This, essentially, is all new the entire thing. So, starting with your 2021 Chevy Colorado fascia here we have a new split grille design. You also notice a new texture on the inside and it’s more squared off than before, just kind of giving everything a more tough look and something that’s more in line with what the silverado is like now as far as the way this is finished, this will normally have gray bars for both your wt and your z71 body color on the this lt. But we have the chrome appearance package, so it’s, going to change this to chrome.

Of course, now your lower fascia, that’s, also extensively changed, so we now have a large kind of rugged. Looking bumper area, it is finished in a piano black trim and if you have the z71, you also have a silver accent down here at the bottom. Now, up at the top, you will find halogen reflector headlights on your lower two trim levels: halogen projector headlights on your z71 trim level and then on your z71. You will also have standard fog lights.

Next, we have the 2021 Chevy Colorado wheels which are going to be pretty much the same this year as last year. Now, you actually have 17 inch wheels across all three trim levels on the wt. They are steel on this lt there’s. This silver alloy and then, if you go for the z71, that’s, where you have the contrast, alloys now moving on up here, we have the small detail of a revised colorado font here on the side and then up top at the mirrors.

2021 Chevy Colorado Configurations

2021 Chevy Colorado Configurations

We have the chrome cap since we have the chrome appearance package. We also have a blind spot mirror, but you can get blind spot monitoring if you prefer that now before we get around to the rear changes of this colorado, i do want to talk about the cab and bed configurations.

Now, every single trim level of the 2021 Chevy Colorado can get every single configuration, which is a nice touch. So what you have here is the full four door: crew cab, that’s, going to be available in the short bed or the long bed, or you can get the extended cab with the short door on the back and that’s.

Going to be only available in the long bed configuration the rear of this truck does see less changes in the front. However, that’s, not to say chevy, completely overlooked it, since you do have this nice touch on the back, which is the chevrolet stamping going across the entire tailgate.

That really just kind of brings it more in line with what the new silverado looks. Like now off to the side, punctuating that we do have incandescent tail lights and then down here at the bottom, we do have the chrome bumper, since we do have that chrome, appearance group and then, as far as your tailgate is concerned, on this lt and the Z71, you are going to have an easy, lower tailgate.

Now the bed itself is on the more basic end of things we don’t have a bed liner on this 2021 Chevy Colorado, but we do have hooks on each side and i do want to show you this bumper step. This is a nice touch and this is going to be included on all the models and it really helps getting in and out of this bed really easy now this is a truck after also towing is a pretty important part.

2021 Chevy Colorado Configurations

2021 Chevy Colorado Configurations

So if you go for the new four-cylinder option, that’s going to have 3 500 pounds of tow rating and then, if you go for the diesel, that’s, going to have the maximum of 7 700 pounds with that tow package.

Now, as far as your 2021 Chevy Colorado safety systems, these haven’t changed for 2021, so you’re, still not going to have any standard safety systems on any of the trim levels. However, you can get a safety package which will throw in a forward collision alert as well as lane keeping alert.

So taking our first peek inside of this refresh 2021 Chevy Colorado, you will notice that the cabin is pretty much the same as it was last year, since chevy did focus most of their attention on the exterior. Now, as far as color options for this cabin, you have the henry ford selection of just black across all of the trim levels, but the materials do vary so, starting on your base, WT model that’s, going to come with black cloth or vinyl Seating.

Now, turning over here to your door trim, it is nice and simple. You do have a padded armrest portion, but all the rest is going to be hard touch and as far as your windows, all four of them are going to be one touch auto down and the driver auto up now coming down here to your seat. This is the six way power adjusting seat. However, the back still has manual recline and then, like i was mentioning we do.

You have a little bit of a step if you’re. A shorter person like i am now like. I was already mentioning 2021 Chevy Colorado haven’t, been a ton of changes to the cabin, and that does go for the materials as well. So across your upper dashboard, this is going to continue to be a hard touch plastic.

Absolutely no problem. We have another pretty large area right here. We have two cup holders. We have another large bin up in the front, a little shelf right there, two usb ports and a 12 volt outlet now coming back to the shifter. Obviously it’s, pretty simple! Just pull back for drive! You can use these little toggles on the side if you want to manually control, but you’re, not going to have any paddle shifters, of course, and then jumping into reverse.

2021 Chevy Colorado Interior

2021 Chevy Colorado Interior

We do have a standard backup camera with active trajectory. You also have a trailer view, so you can line up a trailer as well. Now, if you went for the z71, that would also throw in parking sensors and the hd version, which you know has a little bit better quality now jumping on up here we got a few more buttons along the top, including for our bed lighting, as well as Activating our trailering mode and then above that we have our climate controls.

This is one of my favorite parts of the cabin because it definitely is a you know – very high tech to have the latest chevy infotainment 3 system and it’s on board across all the trim levels, even the base WT. Now, as far as the 2021 Chevy Colorado screen sizes is going to be a 7 inch touch display on the wt 8 inches on both the other trim levels. The other really nice thing i want to point out is that you have both android, auto and apple car play standard across all the trim levels, which is a really nice touch, and then you have integrated navigation as an option for both the lt and the z71.

Now hopping back into the rear seats of this 2021 Chevy Colorado, there aren’t going to be any changes for 2021 here in the rear. So that does mean you’re, going to be on the more basic end of as far as this rear seat is concerned. So as far as your features, we do have two smart charging usb ports as well as a 12-volt outlet. However, you’re, not going to find vents or anything like that, and you do have a little storage cubby below that.

We do also have a fold-down armrest with cup holders inside and as far as the space itself is concerned, you’re, going to have 36 inches of your leg, room 38 inches of rear headroom, which does actually place it above. Its main rivals like the toyota tacoma and behind your seating position i probably have i would say three to four inches of rear legroom and my feet can slide up under the seat. So definitely in this crew cab configuration you can have four adults fit back here.


So there we are taking off in the 2021 Chevy Colorado. Now we have the 3.6 liter v6 engine, so it’s. The most powerful engine of the lineup 308 horsepower 275 pound feet of torque, really good numbers for the class and as far as taking off there seems to me faster than both the tacoma and the ranger. I will have to agree with that.

2021 Chevy Colorado Towing Capacity

2021 Chevy Colorado Towing Capacity

It does seem very quick off the line: yeah accelerations no problems at all and it’s also going to be a nice smooth v6, whereas, like the ranger, you get the 2.7 liter ecoboost engine, so that may be a benefit for some of you Guys now, as far as the other engines, that chevy is going to offer the base engine is a 2.5 liter, naturally aspirated four cylinder that’s, going to be a hundred and or 200 horsepower and 191 pound-feet of torque.

Then there is also the turbo diesel option and that’s. A 2.8 liter turbo diesel, 181 horsepower and a really really good 369 pound-feet of torque. So that’s. That diesel is offered for this 2021 Chevy Colorado. I think most people end up with this v6 yeah um, you yeah, i think you have. You have to have two-wheel drive if you want the four-cylinder model, so that’s, pretty uncommon.

To find that, i would definitely recommend going for the v6 or the diesel we’ve sampled, both of those and those are both really nice, powertrain setups, and now that we’re up to speed here on a highway.

Any reason why we couldn’t have some soft touch materials, some dampening just more refined cabin experience now. Lastly, we do want to discuss the 2021 Chevy Colorado fuel economy for this colorado. This one, as equipped is the 3.6 liter with four-wheel drive, so it’s going to come in at 17 city 24. Highway 19 combined.

If you go for the two-wheel drive, that will go up to mpg to 21 for this v6, and the last thing we need to mention here is going to be the pricing for this 2021 Chevy Colorado, so the base trim has been eliminated this year.

2021 Chevy Colorado Safety Feature

2021 Chevy Colorado Price

How much the 2021 Chevy Colorado Price?

So we’re, going to start at the WT and How much the 2021 Chevy Colorado going to be $27.700 that’s gon na be the two wheel drive extended cab configuration. The z71 is only available in the v6 4×4, so it’s going to start at $35.500 Now this one is the crew cab. Four wheel, drive lt, so $34.400 is our starting price, and then we have the auto locking rear differential for $325.

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