2021 Honda Accord Sport SE Is The Refresh Enough To Beat Camry?

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2021 Honda Accord Sport SE –  As rivals continue exiting the midsize sedan segment already popular products such as this honda accord have actually increased their market share. So with the toyota camry getting a refresh this year, honda is not resting on its laurels, since the accord is also refreshed with slightly updated, styling and lots of new features throughout, but did they do enough to stay ahead of the camry?

2021 Honda Accord Sport SE

2021 Honda Accord Sport SE

What You Have to Get From 2021 Honda Accord Sport SE

I do want to mention one change to the trim structure itself. So for 2021 Honda Accord Sport SE trim level has been discontinued and in its place you have this trim right here. This is the sport se or sport special edition, and what that includes.  We’ll, go through that as we go through the video, but i want to talk about the changes up in the front across the entire model line, so you might not notice that anything has really changed.

It is a subtle change, but the grille itself is a little bit wider this year and you’ll, also notice.  You have these small chrome accents that run through it. Now, across the top on all of these sport trim levels, you will have a darkened chrome finish that goes across here. It would, of course, just be regular chrome on the other trim levels now coming over here to your headlights.

This is another area that’s changed for 2021 Honda Accord Sport SE, you notice the design itself looks a little bit different and also the technology behind. It is a little bit different. Since honda says it has wider illumination, so it lights up the road a little bit better. Now previously fully led headlights as an led, low and high beams were on the touring. Only that’s, moved down to the sport trim level and above so the vast majority of them have this upgraded design.

You will also find an led fog light on the sport trim level and above inside, of a new black housing, so squatting down here at the wheels. Of course, no refresh would be complete without some updated wheel options.  So, as far as the lineup, some of them are new, some of them are carry over from last year, so the lx trim level and the exl trim level. Those are going to have 17-inch alloys with different designs.

2021 Honda Accord Sport SE Change

2021 Honda Accord Sport SE Change

However, when you get to the sport trim levels, those are going to throw in these really nice 19-inch contrast, alloys, which i have always really liked new. For 2021 Honda Accord Sport SE, though, the touring trim level comes with a unique 19-inch, alloy and then moving on up here to your mirrors. They are painted black on the sport trim levels. As far as your technology, inside of the mirror, you’re, going to have heating on this sport, se trim level, but if you want blind spot monitoring that’s going to require the exl now honda didn’t change.

A lot in the front, but here at the rear you’re, going to see even less changes for 2021 Honda Accord Sport SE. However, i really don’t think honda needed to make a bunch of changes, since this has always been a pretty good.  Looking vehicle from the rear, now breaking down the individual design elements, you’re, going to have a few new elements.

So up top we have a blacked out spoiler, as well as a blacked out shark fin antenna on the top, which really has a nice contrasting look and then for the tail lights. These are going to be exactly the same as last year, so they’re partially led the brake light is led.

However, the reverse light and turn signal is incandescent and then dropping down. We have exposed horizontal exhaust outlets and that’s. Going to be on the sport as well as the touring trims now, honda has also updated their safety suite for 2021 Honda Accord Sport SE by adding an advanced adaptive cruise control system that now lanes centers. And if you go for the touring trim, you will also have low speed.

Braking now that’s, in addition to what was standard last year, which is like your ford emergency braking as well as your auto high beam headlamps. Well anyway, guys you’ve, seen the 2021 Honda Accord Sport SE changes for the exterior of this accord. But there are some changes on the inside, so let’s, go ahead and check that out before we take it out in a spin.

2021 Honda Accord Sport SE Interior

2021 Honda Accord Sport SE Interior

So one of the things that the new sport se trim level throws in as opposed to the regular sport, is a standard smart entry system with remote start now.  All the trim levels above that will also come with this same system, and then like in all other hondas, to unlock the door just reach behind the handle. Since there is a sensor now checking out the cabin of this refreshed accord. you will notice that it does look mostly the same as it did before, since most of the changes are a little bit subtle, but before we get into what’s new, Let’s, go ahead and talk about your interior, material and color options.

So your 2021 Honda Accord Sport SE that’s, going to come standard with cloth seating. Then your sport, 1.5 t and 2.0 t those are going to come with a leather and cloth combination seat. Now, when you upgrade to these this sport, se the exl or the touring that’s, going to get you full leather seating and, as you can see, there is a little bit of a different stitching design on board for 2021 Honda Accord Sport SE.

Now, as far as the colors, all the trims, except for the sports, will have the choice between black or ivory. All the sport trims are black. Only turning over here to the door trim. You’re, going to find nice materials reflected up here.

So you have a nice leatherette material across the armrest as well as this area. Above it, and all this is going to be soft touch. Every sport trim will have a faux carbon fiber trim and then down below you’re, going to find two fully automatic windows. As we drop down, you will find the aluminum pedals here on the sport se and one of the really nice things about the accord does continue for 2021 Honda Accord Sport SE and that’s, that you have a 12 way power adjusting seat standard on all.

Now, ever since this generation of the accord first came out, we have definitely been fans of the material quality inside the cabin, so thankfully that does carry on for 2021 Honda Accord Sport SE., so a crusher upper dash.

This is all going to be covered in a nice soft touch. Plastic. Dropping down again, we’ll, find some more of that faux carbon fiber trim. You do have a faux wood. If you choose some of the upper entrance levels, this area here is going to be hard touch, but you will notice.  We actually have a nice leatherette padding that goes across the console here, with a color contrast, stitching detail and a typical honda fashion. Everything is going to fit together perfectly now standard across all the trim levels.

2021 Honda Accord Sport SE Redesign

2021 Honda Accord Sport SE Redesign

You do have push button start so checking out the gauges. You do continue to have the cool setup which basically combines a seven inch display on this side and then analog gauges on this side, which is honestly a little bit hard to tell right off the bat.

Now you can continue to press the home button right here on the steering wheel and go through a whole bunch of different settings and it changes the design as well. I do want to point out one kind of subtle change for 2021 and that’s, that you have a rear seat belt reminder for all the passengers, including all three in the back.

Now, if you went for the touring, you would also have a head up display now coming back to the steering wheel. Of course, you have electric power, assisted steering, and honda does nicely include this leather wrapped steering wheel with the double contrast stitching on all with the very base model.  As far as the wheel itself, it is going to be a manual tilt and telescoping.

However, heating remains unavailable in the united states, but anyways. Let’s, go ahead and jump into interior storage, so i’m, going to start out underneath our center console. As always, it definitely remains one of the bigger options in the class. We have a little tray which we can remove and then once inside we have a lot of space and a nice rubber pad down at the bottom.


So certainly you and all of your family can save money on food and then up top. We do have a mirror as well as a light, and it does also detach and extend all right. So there’s, our first acceleration up to about 60 miles an hour with this 2021 Honda Accord Sport SE core so like with most of the elements on the exterior and the interior.

You don’t, have radical changes as far as the powertrain is concerned, so most of the models they’re, going to come standard with the 1.5 liter turbocharged. Four cylinder like in other honda applications, and it continues to make 192 horsepower 192 pound-feet of torque. Those numbers are competitive, if not a little bit more than a lot of the competition yeah.

It definitely feels fine, accelerating off it’s, not going to like blow your mind or anything, but definitely has enough power, and it is worth noting that this engine is quite a bit quieter than direct competition.

2021 Honda Accord Sport SE Specification

2021 Honda Accord Sport SE Specification

Like the toyota camry, 2021 Honda Accord Sport SE 1.5 litre turbo is one of the quietest engines, you can get yeah it’s, a tiny motor and it is really really quiet. Now, of course, like mason said it’s not going to blow you away, but if you want something with more power, honda does offer that they still have the 2 liter turbocharged four cylinder that you can get on the touring trim level as well As the sport trim level yeah and that’s, gonna have 252 horsepower and 273 pound-feet of torque, and we will of course do a review on one of those sometime later this year.

So stay tuned for that right and one thing to note that’s, no longer available on the exl trim level as an option for 2021, but just cruising along here i do want to discuss. You know this is a mid-size sedan.

So obviously this is what you’re, going to be doing. Most of the time is just cruising down a highway going around 60 miles an hour. The accord has always really impressed me in this area because it has a absolutely fantastic and super comfortable, and it really just puts comfort at the forefront.

Even if you’re in a sport trim like this, and i will go ahead and get a sound level reading, so we can see how how quiet it is in here. I’m gonna take it at 55., so going at 55 miles an hour looking at 57 and a half decibels which that’s very solid. I do believe the camry tested at a higher figure than that, so that’s, going to be a little bit quieter than that. As far as your transmission, you do have the cvt transmission with the 1.5 liter turbo that most of the people will get.

2021 Honda Accord Sport SE Price

2021 Honda Accord Sport SE Price

But if you choose the two liter honda does pair that to the more exciting 10-speed automatic transmission kind of like what you get in the new tlx and speaking of exciting kind of going around that corner reminds me. I definitely want to talk about the dynamics behind the accord. Thankfully, honda did not mess with this area because you know you can debate which midsize sedan is the best driving, but no matter who you ask, they’re, definitely going to say the accord is at the very top of the class.

How much the 2021 Honda Accord Sport SE Price?

We’re, going to talk about the pricing and so that’s. Uh going to be an area, it increases around a thousand dollars for 2021 Honda Accord Sport SE, so you’re gonna have a little bit of an increase this year, but not too bad. So the lx is twenty. Four thousand seven: seventy sport, twenty seven, three, two! Thirty sport, se twenty eight seven, twenty and ex l, thirty one. Ninety sport, two liter thirty one: nine, ten and touring two liter $36.700.

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