2021 Mercedes GLE 53 AMG – Luxury & Performance Machine!

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2021 Mercedes GLE 53 AMG – What’s going on youtube? So since we first reviewed this new generation of the gle way back in february of 2019, the lineup has expanded substantially to now include five different models. What we have with us today is the latest edition, the gle 53 amg, which basically combines the things we love about the gle 450, but with more performance and looks straight from the 63 amg.

2021 Mercedes GLE 53 AMG

2021 Mercedes GLE 53 AMG

What You Have to Get From 2021 Mercedes GLE 53 AMG

So with that all said, let’s, go ahead and see if this is the best combination of luxury and performance. So if you’ve seen any of the recent amg models, it’s. Very clear right from the start that this is part of the amg family. I say that because the fascia is totally different uh. So what you’ve got. Is that typical, amg grill? So, instead of the horizontal bars, you now have the vertical bars which just signify that amg lineage.

Now, in this specific example, the 2021 Mercedes GLE 53 AMG is already going to have a more aggressive, lower fascia, but we also have the night package so that’s, going to black out some of the elements on the splitter as well as over. Here it’s a little hard to tell, since this is a black example, but normally some of this would also be cool. Now, coming over here to your headlights, you have the advanced, full led headlights, with adaptive abilities as standard equipment on the 2021 Mercedes GLE 53 AMG .

As you can see, it does have a lovely design. Now, of course, as you would expect, the performance looks to continue over here at the wheel, since you have a full gamut of selections of performance amg wheels, so you start with 20 inch alloys. You ‘ Ve got several different choices. We’ve got the 21 inch alloys again several different choices in that size category and then you also have several different choices of 22 inch alloys. If you really want that full, like 63 amg look up here on the side, you’ve got some special turbo branding and then coming up here to the mirrors.

2021 Mercedes GLE 53 AMG Color

2021 Mercedes GLE 53 AMG Color

They are, of course, fully loaded with all the features, so you have heating power, folding, auto dimming, as well as blind spot monitoring. Now before we get around to the sporty rear design of this 2021 Mercedes GLE 53 AMG . I do want to point out that if you go for that night package, you are going to dark out the window trims to really give it a stealthy look now moving around to the rear itself. You’re, also going to see quite a few changes back here for the 53 model as well as, if you go for the night package um.

So starting out with the design you’re, going to have the same 2021 Mercedes GLE 53 AMG tail lights. That you normally would. These are fully led. I’m, a really big fan of the design dropping down. We have this chrome accent right here and then in the diffuser. This is where you’re, really going to see the big difference for the 53 model, since this is going to be a completely different design and you’re, going to have quad exhaust outlets pumping out the optional performance exhaust on this.

One and once again, if you go for the night package, it is going to be blacked out and before we talk about these safety systems, i do want to point out one thing for this amg model that says it’s, going To tow quite a bit less than the regular 450 model, so just keep that in mind. Now, as far as the safety systems for this gle 53, you’re, going to have ford emergency braking with pedestrian detection standard. However, you have to option on the more advanced safety systems so in the driving assistance plus package.

You’re, going to add in a lot of advanced features like active steering assist as well as the traffic jam assistant, but anyway, guys that’s, going to sum up the sporty styling of this amg 2021 Mercedes GLE 53 AMG . So let’s, go and hop on the inside, where i know there’s, a ton of luxury before we take it out on a spin and before we do that hit that subscribe button down below so on the gle.

2021 Mercedes GLE 53 AMG Change

2021 Mercedes GLE 53 AMG Change

Of course, you will find a standard, smart entry system as well as the newest, mercedes, key fob, of course. Here with the 2021 Mercedes GLE 53 AMG , though, you will have the amg design, so you have piano black trim and then darkened metal at the bottom [ Music ], and then you get inside the vehicle itself. Of course, there’s, a sensor behind the handle, so just grab it and taking a first peek inside of this cabin. Of course, you have a really beautiful space with the latest gle design, but you’ve got some unique amg touches all throughout the cabin all right.

Here you will notice, you have standard heated seats on every 2021 Mercedes GLE 53 AMG, however, ventilation is going to be optional and rapid heating will also be optional and then all four your windows will of course, be one touch automatic now coming over here to the seats themselves. They are absolutely stunning, like i said we have the exclusive nappa leather seating, so we have a quilted nappa leather through the middle. Here we have an alkansara insert, which makes things look nice and sporty and really good bolsters as well.

Now, in this specific example, we also have the optional running boards, which are really just for, looks since this is a quite easy vehicle to get inside with or without them. Now, as far as the materials, let me tell you they are absolutely top-notch, and this is really a very, very stunning cabin. So, like i mentioned with the exclusive napa leather package, we basically have leather in every place that you can touch. So that includes the upper dashboard, with the color contrast stitching, of course, all through the middle.

Here we have the beautiful open for wood and then once you get to the lower areas, this way where you’ll notice, all the extra nappa leather, it runs all the way down here to the ground level. You have it coming all through here across your armrest as well as over here and then we have more open four wood that runs through the middle, so absolutely fantastic materials and start up.

The 2021 Mercedes GLE 53 AMG just put your foot on the brake and press the standard push button start after it, fires up. You will be greeted by one of the most advanced gauge clusters in the auto industry. The 12.3 inch mercedes reconfigurable gauge cluster, so just like in other mercedes models.

You have the touch pad here on the left side of the steering wheel and you can customize all three sections to whatever you want. So you can just cycle between a bunch of different things, like i said in all three sections and then, when you change drive modes as well, the design can change so really a very advanced and powerful system.

2021 Mercedes GLE 53 AMG Redesign

2021 Mercedes GLE 53 AMG Redesign

Now, in addition to that, you can throw in a head-up display, although this specific example does not have one now coming back to the steering wheel, we have the amg performance steering wheel with that specific design.

You will also notice we have dynamica inserts from here to here and then nappa leather on the bottom and the top. That is an optional feature as far as the wheel itself. It is going to be power adjusting across every single model. We have also have the option of heating, and then you can add heated armrest as well. If that’s, something that you want then, off on this side, you ‘ill also find the typical mercedes column mounted shifter.

So operation is, of course, the same as other mercedes models, so you just press down for drive. You also notice here on the 2021 Mercedes GLE 53 AMG, we have beautiful real metal, paddle shifters, which feel great in the hand.

Now for reverse, you’re, just going to press up in the opposite direction, and when you do, you will be greeted by this 360 degree. Camera system. If you choose the parking assistance package, which is what we have on this model, as you can see, you have both your 360 view regular view, and then you ‘ve got a bunch of different views. You can choose between over there. On the other side and then for park, just press the p now, thanks to that column, mounted shifter that does free up a lot of space inside of this model for storage.

So let’s start out underneath our center console here. It is very nicely sized quite deep. It does have a really good felt lining in it. You also find a usb type-c inside, and just because this is an expensive car does not mean it’s exempt from the coupon test. So let’s, go ahead and try that out yeah they fit in here just fine uh plenty of space for lots of coupons. Now up in front of that, we have another large storage area. We’ve got two cup holders inside and these are adjustable like.

So you also notice we have a wireless phone charging pad that sits right here. This is newly standard across every single 2021 Mercedes GLE 53 AMG.. Then you ‘ Ve got two usb type cs right there now coming back, you ‘ve got a lot of different buttons that surround your mbux touchpad. So this, of course, is one of your three methods to control the main infotainment system, which we will talk about in just a second further back, you’ll, find a few more buttons, including to adjust your standard air suspension, your adjustable shocks, and we also have the optional sport exhaust here on this specific example.

It does appear up in the display, and mercedes does nicely include metal buttons all through here. So you don’t have to go into the display to search for things and now you’re, seeing the mercedes mbux system and the voice assistant, uh thinking, i said, hey mercedes when i just said mercedes uh. But that being said, that’s, one of your features of this system, if you say hey mercedes, it does trigger and have the smart voice assistant now on the software side of things.

This, of course, is the same as we’ve. Had in other mercedes models, so you have lots of different features, but one thing i’m noticing that is special about this model. I’ve not yet experienced on a mercedes, is that we have the interior assistant.

2021 Mercedes GLE 53 AMG Feature

2021 Mercedes GLE 53 AMG Feature

So basically, this is aware of the hand placement by looking having a camera, that’s. Looking down upon me and you’ll notice that, like when i go over to something it does highlight it. There is also gestures that you can program to the system and it knows if the driver is reaching or the passenger is reaching, so you can actually have separate hand, gestures and do separate different things with the system, so that’s.

Really a neat touch: now we’ll, go into the navigation system here uh. This is your typical navigation system. You also have the optional um virtual reality, navigation, which is like, i said, an extra cost option now. Moving on from that, we have an auto dimming mirror up top here with your three homelink universal remotes. Now for the very top, you will find a standard, moonroof uh. This is your! You know regular sized option.

You can get a panoramic option, though, if you want to spend an extra thousand dollars now in the 2021 Mercedes GLE 53 AMG second row. This is, of course, going to be a very opulent place to spend time, and there is a lot of space back here now.

As far as your leg room figures, it’s, going to come in at 41, inches of your leg, room 40 inches of your head room, which is very, very class competitive if not at the top end of the segment. Looking at a lot of space and behind your seating position, i would say that’s, probably like a foot, if not a foot and three inches of space and my feet can easily slide up underneath the seat.

Now, as far as the features themselves here in the center, we are going to have standard rear air vents and, as you’ll notice on this model, we are missing the climate control. So that is an option. Of course you can get your own climate controls back here, but we do not have that dropping further below. We have some usb type cs, as well as a regular household style outlet and then off to the side.

Here you do have heated rear seats. That is a standalone option, and i also want to point out that if you go for the third row option. Yes, there is a third row option for this 2021 Mercedes GLE 53 AMG. You will have a power, a six-way power adjusting second row now walking up to your tailgate.

You are going to have a standard, hands-free power, one so just wave your foot under the bumper to open it up and it does open right up now. As far as the space is concerned, back here, you’re, actually going to find a lot of space, so it’s, rated at 33 cubic feet behind the second row seats and that expands to 73 cubic feet.

If you fold it that is very class competitive, it’s, larger, of course, than like the lexus rx. If you’re looking at that and as far as how you’ve, they have it finished back. Here we have a nice carpeting along the floor.

We have led lighting along the sides, and you also have a button back here to lower the air suspension for you to load stuff in now. If we lift up the floor, you will find a spare tire on this model and, like i mentioned in the second row, you can get a third row as an option for this 2021 Mercedes GLE 53 AMG.

Now, as far as your passenger seat, you’re, going to have the same adjustments as the driver. That does also include massaging over here on this side, and we have optional three person memory. Now, as far as your glove box, it is nicely leather wrapped and if we open it up, super pleasantly surprised by this.

Yes, mercedes, they gave us a huge glove box, it’s really nicely felt lined and it certainly can fit all of our coupons. So we can throw mcdonald’s, coupons burger king coupons, fazoli’s, whatever throw it in there and it’s going to fit now up top.


So what we’ve got is a three liter turbocharged inline six cylinder with mercedes eq boost system, which is basically a mild hybrid system. All that together is going to produce 429 horsepower 384 pound-feet of torque, so really good numbers, plus. we’ve got the performance exhaust on right now sounds so good and it sounds really really nice. It is quick, wow yeah, it’s, a 5.2 second zero to 60., and it just sounds so so so good yeah really really nice exhaust, especially for you know, a six cylinder i kind of didn’t expect it to sound as Good as it does, and you know, we are just going to go ahead and do the performance aspect of this test drive, since this is an amg model uh.

We will talk about like the comfort and all that in just a minute but heading to one of the best country roads here in lexington, to test out some of the driving dynamics for this 2021 Mercedes GLE 53 AMG so going around the corners here. You can definitely tell we definitely have some sport tuned elements compared to that standard version of the gle. This has the standard air suspension, but, of course, amg is tuned specifically for the 53 duty.

We also have the adjustable shocks and all that stuff changes with the drive mode. If you would like to click me into the sport, drive mode, that would be nice. We’ve, been in the comfort. Now the steering is pretty light here in the comfort mode, but we will, definitely see a difference. Once we switch to the sport mode there we go so immediately the engine revs up, so you have more power on demand.

So this is part of that eq boost which we mentioned earlier, so eq boost powers. Advanced auto start stop, so it allows it to do things like shut the engine off. While you’re still in motion, which really does a fantastic job of disguising auto start stop because you don’t feel it. So there’s, really a lot of benefits to the eq boost, but yeah most impressively is just how seamlessly all of it works together. Frankly, it’s, the best in mild hybrids right now, so mercedes has really just done a a plus job on this, and since we were mentioning that, i guess we could uh talk about the fuel economy.

2021 Mercedes GLE 53 AMG Price

2021 Mercedes GLE 53 AMG Price

So for the 350 model that’s going to be right, 22 combined 450, 21 combined and then this 53 isn’t going to be much worse coming in at 19, combined, so really pretty impressive fuel economy for a vehicle with this Performance now, if you’re, really paying attention, you know we didn’t, say an air ball and that’s, because we’re waiting to the pricing section to say the air ball, because that’s going to be today’s, air ball.

How much the 2021 Mercedes GLE 53 AMG Price?

Now i don’t. I’ll qualify it by saying pretty much any mercedes is expensive, but i do think that this gle can get quite pricey and it’s, going to put it out of the league of something like more ordinary, like a lexus rx Customer, so for this 2021 Mercedes GLE 53 AMG uh you’re, going to start at $57.250 bucks.

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