2021 Toyota Camry is an Updated of America’s Favorite Sedan

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2021 Toyota Camry – The camry doesn ‘ t really need an introduction, since it has been one of the most popular vehicles in america since its introduction nearly 40 years ago. That makes any change to the camry important, which is why we’re happy to be checking out the refresh 2021 model. Today there are more updates than what initially meets the eye. So let’s, go ahead and jump right into it.

2021 Toyota Camry

2021 Toyota Camry

What You Have to Get From 2021 Toyota Camry

As far as your trim structure, like the accord we just reviewed a few days ago, we have lost a trim level this year. The l trim is no longer offered, so le is your new base model. Now with that being said, as far as your exterior designs, you continue to have two distinct groupings, so you have your luxury trim levels, le and xle, and then you have your sport designs, which are your sc and your 2021 Toyota Camry XSE.

So we have the se, of course, and what you’re looking at is a slightly refreshed grill, so this grill is a little bit larger this year we have a different texture inside of it, and then you also notice these elements off to the Side, these are at least twice as big as last year and definitely help make for a more aggressive look now, if you choose the xse that’s, going to add a gloss finish to this now as far as your le and your xle, those Have the wide fascia that goes all the way across the front end, and that also is larger for 2021 Toyota Camry.

. Now, as far as your headlights, you’re, not going to see any changes for 2021 Toyota Camry, which does mean you ‘ Ll continue to find standard led headlights across all of the models. However, the extra elements are not led on the le and the se and they are led on the xse and the xle, so no refresh would be complete without some new wheel options and toyota has upgraded the majority of your wheel options so on your le those Are going to come with a 17 inch alloy wheel, but when you upgrade to this essie we have the 18 inch contrast alloy wheels, which i think look quite nice now, the xle that also comes with an 18 inch alloy and then.

Finally, when you go for the top end, xse that comes with really cool, looking 19 inch alloys and then finally, jumping up here to your mirrors. You’re, going to have heating and blind spot monitoring as standard equipment on xle and xse and optional.

On both the le and the sc, so toyota has changed some stuff in the front, but they’ve also changed some stuff in the rear, but before we get to that, i do also want to talk about the side design. Now the 2021 Toyota Camry, of course, as you probably know, can get a two-tone roof that’s, going to be offered on the xse trim. Still in 2021, now walking around to the rear itself, let’s. Talk about some of the changes!

2021 Toyota Camry Change

2021 Toyota Camry Change

So probably the biggest change you’re noticing right now are these tail lights? These are an updated design for 2021 Toyota Camryand toyota has kind of smoked them out to give them a more aggressive. Look you’re, going to continue to have two different tail light designs. This is the basic design where the turn signal and reverse light are incandescent. However, if you go for the xse or xle that will throw in full led tail lights up on the top, we do have a spoiler on the two sport trims and then dropping down.

We also have a revised diffuser for 2021 and you ‘ll. Continue to have dual exhaust on the sc and quad exhaust on the xse. Now toyota has always knocked it out of the park when it comes to these safety systems and that’s going to continue for 2021 Toyota Camry, since they’re throwing in their toyota safety sense 2.5 systems across the entire lineup.

So in addition to all the advanced stuff that you would have gotten last year, you’re, going to have additional stuff like full speed, adaptive cruise control. Well guys that’s, going to be all for the refreshed, exterior design for this camry, but i know they’ve changed quite a bit on the inside.

So let’s, go ahead and check that out. But before you do that hit that subscribe button down below so on the 2021 Toyota Camry, you will continue to find smart entry as standard equipment on your x trim levels and available as an option on the le and the 2021 Toyota Camry SE. As far as this one, though, we do not have the convenience package, so we have the regular switch way key, all right.

So taking a look inside of this refresh cabin, you’re, not going to notice gigantic changes. But of course there are some pretty substantial updates to the center console, but before we get into that, let’s. First, talk about your different color and material options inside the cabin so starting out on the le that’s, going to come with full cloth seating.

2021 Toyota Camry Interior

2021 Toyota Camry Interior

All four of them will be one touch automatic up and down then heading down here to your seat. This is the standard eight-way power adjusting seat across all the trim levels. Then, like i already mentioned, we do have the leatherette seat here on this se, you will notice a slight revision to the stitching patterns on all of the trim locks.

So, of course, this isn’t the highest and 2021 Toyota Camry, but toyota does do a good job of making the materials nice on all the trim levels, even this mainstream sc so across your upper dash. That will continue to have a soft touch plastic.

Just like last year dropping down, we have some piano black trim and we also have an updated trim that runs through here as well. It’s a little bit darker this year and has a cool three-dimensional look to it down below that? We have a leather red material that runs all through here with the color contrast stitching detail, as well as along the side, so that’s, a nice touch and then, of course, you are going to find some more hard touch materials through here, since It isn’t one of the higher end models, but the materials do get upgraded.

If you want to go up the trim structure, as you can see, on this specific model, we do not have push button start that’s, going to be on the se and le with the convenience package and then standard on the 2021 Toyota Camry XLE and XSE. Now, once the vehicle starts up, you won’t notice. Any changes as far as the gauge cluster is concerned, so your lower end trims. Those are going to come with this 4.2 inch multi-function display your upper entrance will instead come with a large 7 inch display, but as far as the information continues to be the same, including all your settings for the advanced safety systems.

2021 Toyota Camry Concept

2021 Toyota Camry Concept

Now, if you choose the optional drivers, assist package on the xle or the xse, that would also throw in a head up display coming down to the steering wheel. Toyota nicely includes this leather wrapped wheel on all, but the base led trim level. It is, of course, manual tilt and telescoping across all the models, but you can get heating if you choose to have the cold weather package all right. So now let’s. Move on to interior storage, which has always been one of the impressive elements of this cabin now check out this center console, really really large lots of space.

Has a nice felt lying down at the bottom of it as well, and you also notice you have a regular usb and new this year you have a usb type-c as well. Now we’ll, go ahead and grab out our coupons. I can stick those in there perfectly don’t even have to fold them in half.

So definitely very, very impressive. For us today, up in front of that, we ‘ Ve got our two cup holders. We also have a nice uh, rubber, lined area here to stick your phone. It’s, got a 12 volt outlet, a third usb port, and then you can slide that back and you have a really nice storage cubby, where you can hide things, and this top part can also be a wireless phone charging pad optionally on the Lower two trims and standard on the upper two trims coming back to the shifter.

The le has a manual setup and then the other two trims come with a dual zone: automatic setup. But of course, no matter which one you choose operation is super simple. You’re, just going to use these knobs right here to make your adjustments to your temperature fan speeds, and then you have physical buttons for the other controls right there now seat heating is thrown in.

Now like the rav4 and many other toyotas, it is a floating design. Additionally, the screen, the screens themselves and the screen sizes. They have changed this year. So what you’re looking at is the standard 7 inch display.

2021 Toyota Camry Feature

2021 Toyota Camry Feature

This is included on le and se, and then on your xse and your xle. Those are going to include a new nine inch display, which is one inch larger than the previous eight inch display. But besides for the size and placement changes uh there’s, really not anything else different about this infotainment system. It is still in tune. 3.0 has all the same features, including standard android, auto and standard apple carplay across all the models.

Then you can also get the integrated dynamic navigation system as an option on your xle and your xse and moving on up here we have the manual dimming mirror On this particular particular model, however, you can get an auto dimming one with the convenience package or standard on the x trims and then up top here.

We do not have a moon roof. A standard sized moon roof is an option on your lower two trim levels and then a panoramic moon roof is an option on your upper two trim levels. Now the camry is a family vehicle through and through. So, of course, this rear seat area is very, very important, so the first thing i’m going to discuss is the space you’re, going to have 38 inches of both leg and headroom in this camry, which does place it quite A bit behind its main rival, the honda accord, but certainly plenty of space for the average family behind drew sitting position.

Here i have about six to seven inches of your leg room and my feet can easily set up underneath the seat, so definitely not. Gon na have any issues there now, as far as your feature set on this se, we are gonna, have a pretty basic feature set uh, so we just have this little storage cubby.

But as far as the space itself is concerned, you’re, going to have 15.1 cubic feet of space, which is about one and a half cubic feet. Less than the honda accord, but overall not a huge difference and as far as how it’s finished. If we lift up the floor here, we do have a spare tire and then we also have 60 40 split folding rear seats. Now your passenger seat on this model is going to be manually adjusting, however, it can be power adjusting if you go for a higher trim level.


You have a mirror. However, you’re missing a light and you can also detach it as well as extend it all right, not too bad. So this, of course, is the standard four-cylinder camry, which the vast majority of people are going to select, and it continues on the same for 2021 as in 2020. So you’ve got it’s, a two and a half liter four cylinder. It’s, got 203 horsepower 184 pound-feet of torque. And if you choose the xse, you get three more horsepower.

You ain’t gonna be able to tell the difference, but i do think that uh this camry upon its first acceleration. This is certainly one of the fastest options in the segment, especially for the standard engine, because it really is in power figures. It actually is one of the highest ones, and it just feels a lot more spunky than a lot of the competition.

That’s right and we just drove the refresh 2021 honda accord about three days ago, and i can definitely say this standard engine compared to that standard engine definitely feels a lot heavier. It just feels more responsive overall. Now, if that’s, not enough power for you, of course, you can also option on the three and a half liter v6, with 301 horsepower um, that’s, gonna be available on the xsc, as well as the xle and standard On the trd um and then there is also a hybrid powertrain.

If you’re looking for ultimate efficiency right and we’re planning on reviewing any of those models yeah later on in the year now, part of what makes the powertrain feel more responsive than some of the competition is the fact that, If this has an eight-speed automatic transmission versus a continuously variable transmission in many of the rivals, as you probably tell on that acceleration, you just did that does help.

2021 Toyota Camry Redesign

2021 Toyota Camry Redesign

You have that instant power, you don’t have to wait for any type of turbo lag or cvt lag, and then it also is really ready to shift as soon as you put your power foot down and give you more power, so it uh It’s, a good transmission that’s, 8-speed automatic and then putting power to the ground.

You’re gonna have standard front wheel, drive and new. Last year, you have all-wheel drive offered on the four-cylinder model of this camry, but getting up to speed here. Of course, this is a mid-size sedan. As i said in the rear section of the video, you know it’s, family focused it’s, a camry of course um. So how is it going to ride compared to the competition like drew said? We just got out of the accord, and i think these are very very similar in their ride quality.

Like i said in the past, camry reviews toyota paid a lot more attention to the dynamics in this generation of the camry, especially since they switched to the tnga platform, and really you have just a really nice feel behind the wheel. However, i will point out this engine is quite a bit louder than the accord. So when you’re accelerating it does have more noise than the accord, but once you get up to highway speed it’s, actually quieter, all right.

So let’s, go ahead and mention the fuel economy, so for probably the vast majority of them that they’re, going to sell that’s, going to be the two and a half liter le or sc trims. That’s, going to be rated at 28 city 39 Highway 32 combined fantastic fuel economy uh out of this camry, then, if you go for the two higher end trims it’s, going to just reduce it by one in vg combined and then, if you go for all wheel, drive that’S actually going to be a 3 mpg reduction um, so that’s, just something to consider.

How much the 2021 Toyota Camry Price?

If you’re. Looking for the 2021 Toyota Camry all-wheel drive system, you’re, going to have quite a bit worse fuel economy and then, of course, the v6 is going to further reduce that down to about 26. Now we can go ahead and kind of talk about the pricing which we already alluded to a little bit so for the le it’s, going to start at $24,970. SC $26.490.. The nightshade is $27.185 XLE, $29,870 XSE, $30,420 and TRD $32.185. That’s. Only about a few hundred dollar price increase over the 2020 camry.

Now this one as equipped uh. So we have the se front wheel, drive. We also have a few of just the accessories that they’ll, add on and then the destination charge of 9.95 brings this one to 28, 000 and twelve bucks, not a horrible price point , but i do think, like we mentioned a little bit Earlier you do, you’re missing out on quite a bit of equipment that you may get in the competition for that twenty eight thousand dollar price point.

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