All The Rumors About the New 2022 BMW i4

2022 BMW i4 – The first rumor about a new BMW for the Chinese market has circulated almost since the Chinese started trading in foreign currencies. This rumor is of course just that, a rumor. It will most likely never become a real thing but it sure is worth checking out just in case. The rumors claim that a new BMW model will be coming to China in the second half of this year. Some say the release date may come as early as the end of this month.

All The Rumors About the New 2022 BMW i4

All The Rumors About the New 2022 BMW i4

According to this rumor, the second half of the year will see the release of a powerful mid-size car which will be built by a joint venture between BMW and China. The release will happen around May or June. The rumor speculates that the new BMW will use an advanced horizontally-swooping engine. This rumor also says that the car will have many features and technologies that would be available only on BMWs. Some of these features include energy saving, more lightweight construction, and carbon fiber body panels.

2022 BMW i4 Rumor

The next rumor is that the new BMW will make its debut at the Shanghai Auto Show. This is not a firm prediction by any means but it does sound like good news. Also, it appears that the company may use the Shanghai Auto Show as a launching pad for releasing their new line of mini and small vehicles. This means that the second half of the year could bring at least one more new model to the table.

Other rumors focus on the lower-priced 2022 BMW i4 that will be made available for export. One rumor says that the vehicle will be imported from China and then exported to Germany. This would mean that consumers will be able to purchase this vehicle from the Chinese mainland but not from another country such as South Korea. The rumor says that a BMW official confirmed that the rumors are true. This confirms the fact that BMW will indeed release a new BMW i4 in China.

A third rumor is that the new BMW will use Honda Civic platform. The Civic brand is currently owned by Toyota and it was rumored that the two companies have been working together on the new vehicle. The new BMW should also be using a variant of the Toyota platform.

A fourth rumor involves the release of a new version of the BMW i3. This vehicle should offer users more value for their money. Rumors say that the new i3 will have front-wheel drive and sportier looking design. Expect the same styling as the current i3 but expect that the new model will have larger wheels.

Fifth rumor states that the company will release the BMW i8 in the third quarter of 2021. The rumor states that the new model will be based on the new sedan. It is also expected that the sedan will use the same platform as the i3. BMW is yet to release any new models so these rumors state that there is still hope for the firm to release another BMW i vehicle this year.

Rumors also state that a replacement for BMW X5 is already in the works. The rumor says that the firm is still working on the next generation of BMW X series. Release of the second-generation BMW a model is said to take place later this year. Release of the third-generation BMW xDrive is also expected in 2021.

There are also rumors stating that production of the BMW i8 will take place at the Kalencom factory. The rumor states that the first eight production cars will come from the factory. However, production of the i8 will be shut down immediately when the completion of the factory’s new transmission tunnel is completed. The rumor further states that the factory will produce twelve new BMW X models in total. These models are supposed to compete with the outgoing BMW X6 which is priced higher than its competitor.

A new rumor states that the new BMW i car will have more powerful engine. The engine is rumoured to have higher compression compared to the current BMW i models. The increase in compression is rumoured to help increase fuel efficiency, reduce emissions and improve performance. This would mean more power and a better driving experience for BMW car owners.

Additional rumor states that the future 2022 BMW i4 car will have two different cell types. The first cell is based on the current BMW models and the second cell will be entirely new. The second cell will use small batteries and use electric motor power to make the car run. It is also rumoured that the new BMW i car will offer more standard features and added equipment.

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