2022 Genesis G70 Sport – Is The G70 Worth It?

2022 Genesis G70 Sport –  So genesis is a brand that has really been on the rise recently with a slew of brand new and very exciting products that are either already on the market or coming very soon, and this right here is the latest One, the heavily refreshed.

2022 Genesis G70 Sport Release Date

2022 Genesis G70 Sport Release Date

What You Have to Get From 2022 Genesis G70 Sport

It now has the brand’s latest design language and a ton of upgrades all around. So let’s, go ahead and jump right into the review and see if this is the luxury sports sedan. You should buy [ Music ], so when you first walk up to this new 2022 Genesis G70 Sport , you might think i’m mistaken and that this is actually a fully redesigned model and not a refresh because there’s that much different, especially up here in the front. So of course you’re, going to have the application of the latest genesis, design, language which just has a overall classier appearance, and you have that signature grill that now comes through here.


It’s, a lot larger and kind of extends down into your lower area. This would be finished in silver on the standard model, and then both of these sport, trims with the 3.3 t will have this smoked finish same also applies for your lower fascia as well, and then let’s come over here to the headlights, because This is another substantial revision, so the brand new genesis models have the quad beam, led headlights, and you’ll, see that reflected here with the 2022 Genesis G70 Sport.

So you have two different clusters with your double turn signals and, of course, like i said, everything in here is full led now, of course, no sport sedan would be complete without large and nice looking wheels and thankfully genesis has you covered.

2022 Genesis G70 Sport Configuration

2022 Genesis G70 Sport Configuration

So if you choose the standard model, that will come with 19 inch contrast alloys and then both of the sport trim levels will come with these very nice. Looking 19 inch, dark, finished alloys and then further complementing the design.

If you go for the top-end sport prestige model that’s, going to throw in brembo brakes finished with really nice red brake calipers. Now, as we rise up here, you’ll notice. We have a smoked chrome around the winch windows and the mirrors here.

As far as the mirrors themselves, they are fully loaded on every 3.3 t model, so that means you have auto dimming blind spot monitoring, power, folding and heating alrighty. So here, at the side, they really haven’t changed a lot for this refresh d70, but as we make our way to the rear design, you will see that’s, not the case back here, because they really have done a lot to this rear, just like in the front to make this Look almost completely new, now breaking down some of the design elements that this new model is going to have.

We have basically a flat trunk lid with genesis spelled out across the back. We have our 2022 Genesis G70 Sport branding and some of the other branding on the other side. Then, if you look over at the tail lights, these are mimic the newest genesis models.

So we do have these full led tail lights with the turn signal and brake light in there and then coming down. We have our led reverse lights integrated into here, and that’s, going to be right next to your new dual oval exhaust outlets that this 2022 Genesis G70 Sport has and the sport models do have a special sport tuning and if you’ll notice, There’s, also dual tips in each exhaust outlet.

2022 Genesis G70 Sport Safety Feature

2022 Genesis G70 Sport Safety Feature

So i guess you could technically say it has quad exhaust now one of the really nice things about going for a genesis over some of the german rivals is that you’re, going to get all of the safe systems standard across the board, so That’s, going to be your ford emergency, braking pedestrian detection, lane keeping assist adaptive cruise control as well as your auto high beam headlamps.


You do have the newest genesis, key fob, which has its own unique design. You have got some real metal buttons through here, including for your remote start system, and if you choose, the sport, advanced trim, level or above that will also throw in the digital key system which can unlock with a key card or an android smartphone.

Now, as we walk up to the vehicle, the mirrors will electrically fold out and you can just grab behind the handle to unlock the door all right. So let’s. Take a look inside of this cabin um. If you know anything about the previous model year, you will know that the changes are not as extreme as on the exterior.

However, there are still a lot of different updates to materials and details throughout the cabin now, as far as those material and color options, the standard model will come with real leather seating in your choice of black storm gray, velvet, burgundy or dune color options, and this Sport advanced trim level also comes with the same real leather and the same design on the seat, except you have the choice between black and storm gray, with the color contrast stitching and as you can see, we even have a color contrast, seat belt, which is definitely a nice touch.

Finally, the sport prestige model is going to come with quilted napa leather, and then the launch edition will come with a special, full red leather interior. Now, turning over here to your door trim, it is nicely finished. Of course, we have leather across the majority of it, including here on the armrest, with your stitching detail, you have a perforated leather through this area and the top will be a soft touch. Plastic sport models will throw in a textured aluminum trim through here.

2022 Genesis G70 Sport Interior

2022 Genesis G70 Sport Interior

We do have standard two person, memory, seating and all four of the windows are one touch auto up and down now checking out the seats themselves, you’re, going to start with a 12-way power adjusting seat on the standard model.

However, both the sport 3.3 t models will throw an additional bolster adjustments and power, thigh extension and then coming back to the seat itself like i said it is a real leather. I love this updated design here with the lines going through it all the stitching details again, the color contrast seat belt really just makes for a very special look to this cabin.

Now, like i was saying, the main aspects of the design inside the cabin have not really changed, but different finishes inside of here have changed so across our upper dash. This is going to be a soft touch plastic, with the color contrast stitching as we move down to the middle area.

This is all finished and a nice leather material with the stitching detail which runs all down to the side, and over here you have more leather that runs along this side with the stitching detail, and we have that new textured aluminum finish that runs through the middle Part of course, everything in here does fit together very very well.

Now, to start it up, put your foot on the brake and press the standard button, and as soon as you start it up, you’ll notice, a difference right here, and that is a new gauge cluster. So this is the updated, partially digital gauge cluster that you see in the g80 and the gv80.

So basically, you just have the analog gauge here and then you have the digital gauge cluster over here, which you can change through various different settings, including for your safety systems. Now, if you choose the loaded sport prestige model, that’s, going to throw in the blind view, camera system as well as a head-up display now coming back to the steering wheel, we do have the nice genesis design.

Of course it is nicely leather wrapped and surprisingly, it is standard power dusting on every 3.3 t model. If you want heating, you will have to choose an all-wheel drive, trim, okay, but let’s, go ahead and check out interior storage.

I mean it’s, not a super big focus for a sports sedan like this, but you definitely want enough for a day-to-day driver so checking out the center console here. This is actually pretty nicely sized. Really nice felt lining as well and a usb port, but let’s, put it to the test.

So we got our coupons here looks like we can fold them in half and then i can shut the lid on them boom perfect. So that passes the coupon test. We have our cup holders up in the front. We have another large storage area. This is a wireless phone charging pad on all, but the base model. You also have an additional usb port and a 12 volt outlet. Now, taking a look at the shifter, every model will come with this electronic shifter.

2022 Genesis G70 Sport Transmission

2022 Genesis G70 Sport Transmission

I’m just going to pull back for drive. Of course, we do have paddle shifters on board for manual shifting and then for reverse. You just go up in the opposite direction when you go into reverse. You will find this standard backup camera here with the active trajectory as well as front and rear parking sensors.

And if you choose the very top sport prestige model that will throw in the 360 degree camera system, then for park, you’re just going To press the p right next to the shifter and then back behind here, you will find your automatic hold your electronic parking brake as well as your drive mode controller, now, jumping above that with very similar looking buttons.

We have our climate controls, so this is a standard dual zone, automatic climate control, setup, very simple. To use. Genesis said they’re, really trying to keep uh driver focused on this, so they keep all the controls simple, which i definitely agree with.

Next, to that, you have your three stage: heated seats, those are standard equipment and if you want sea ventilation, you willhave to choose at least this sport advanced model and up above that we have a row of physical audio controls as well.

2022 Genesis G70 Sport Infotainment Systems

2022 Genesis G70 Sport Infotainment Systems

So, with the sport advanced and the sport prestige, you’re, going to have the 15 speaker lexicon premium audio system, so we’ll, go ahead and give that a sample right now. So overall, sound quality is very Nice definitely fills up this cabin well, and you know i, like the metal speaker grilles that it throws in as well okay.

So let’s return up here to one of our more substantial updates to the cabin for 2022 and that’s. This brand new 10.25 inch display. So previously the largest display you could get was 8 inches. So this is quite a nice upgrade, as you can see, it does have really small bezels.

It is a touch display and you have the latest software on board, which just has a more modern look to it, as well as being a lot faster and performant. As far as the features you have on board, you do have integrated navigation built in.

You can go into a split screen view like this, or you can collapse that to have the maps take up the full display and of course you have standard android, auto and apple carplay. However, they are the wired variety now moving above that we have a auto dimming mirror up here with your homelink universal remotes and then so long as you choose anything, but the base standard 3.3t model that will throw in this large sunroof here. So it’s, not quite panoramic. However, it is quite a bit larger than a typical sized moon roof and, as you can see, it does open up nice and wide and you have the windscreen as well alrighty.

So here i am in the 2022 Genesis G70 Sportrear seat and i want to go ahead and start out by talking about the space. Now. As far as the legroom figures are concerned, you’re, looking at 35 inches of your legroom 37 inches of rear headroom.

That is going to be smaller than the related kia stinger and it’s a little bit smaller than some of the other competition like the acura tlx and the german rivals. As well and behind receiving position. I have, i would say, probably five inches or so of leg room and my feet can slide up underneath the seat, but it is going to be a little bit tight back here and we do have this large center tunnel for the middle seat.

2022 Genesis G70 Sport Redesign

2022 Genesis G70 Sport Redesign

Now, as far as the features are concerned, though, we do have vents here in the center we drop down. We have a charging usb port, we fold this down. We have cup holders inside and i do also want to mention that if you go for the fully loaded model, you can get heated rear seats now walking up to the 2022 Genesis G70 Sport cargo area.

You will notice that we do have the hands-free smart trunk. This one is not actually fully power, it is just the smart trunk. However, you can also get the fully powered trunk if you prefer that, although i don’t really see the need, since it does dampen all the way up anyway, but as far as the space itself is concerned, you’re looking at 10 and a half cubic feet of space for the g70, that is going to be, of course, on the smaller end for the segment and definitely smaller than what the kia stinger is going to offer. But it’s, pretty okay amount of space for most of our stuff.

It’s a little shallow, but it is quite wide. And then, if we open up the floor, we have a nice carpeting and we also have a spare tire up underneath now over here at your passenger seat. It is going to be power, adjusting with the 4-way lumbar support.

It is missing a few adjustments from the driver’s side, though, and then, as far as the glove box is concerned, we have a really really nicely felt line, one that’s. A nice luxury touch that i’m pleased to see and then, as far as the coupons are concerned.

2022 Genesis G70 Sport Specification

Obviously that’s very important for any vehicle that we review and it does fit them in there. Just fine and we even have some more stuff here on the side. Then, if we look up top, we have a large sun visor with a large mirror. We have led lighting and we can also detach and extend. Hmm, it’s fast, just like that, we were well about 75 miles an hour actually well above 60, so really really quick.

Obviously we have got the upgraded engine, so we have got the 3.3 twin turbo v6 engine. It is going to be the same as last year, so you’re, making really nice power. Numbers 365 horsepower 376 pound-feet of torque, and this thing moves quite quickly.

She is quick right. There is still the base turbo 2-liter turbo four-cylinder engine offered um. It’s, not the updated 2.5 like you get in the kia stinger, but that is still available. If you want the lower price point, it also has the same power as last year, but i’m.

2022 Genesis G70 Sport Specification

2022 Genesis G70 Sport Specification

Pretty sure most you guys are going to want this one yeah. This is the one to get, because this vehicle is really really excellent when it comes to driving dynamics, as you’ll see throughout this test, drive so having that paired with a really really nice powerful engine is certainly a magical thing now before we Get off of this road right here, i will get a sound level reading because it’s, a perfect opportunity.

I’m, getting comfort mode and we’re. Looking at 56.9, that’s, a very, very good reading, um, i believe a lot of the luxury competition may be testing just a little bit lower than that, but just from the seat of my pants it seems very, very quiet, and i’m also really appreciating the ride quality just cruising down the highway.

This truly is a vehicle that you can daily drive and have a lot of comfort, but also a lot of fun when you get to a country road, and since we were on the subject of ride quality, i do want to point out that you can get Adaptive dampers on the 2022 Genesis G70 Sport, this one since we’re, not fully loaded, does not have them, but you can get it if you go for that fully loaded model yeah, but regardless, if you have them or not like you said this rides pretty well And also it’s really tuned just to be super sharp, because this is a genuine sports sedan.

Now we’re gonna turn over here and actually get on a little bit of a country road to show that off to you guys, but just like with the 2021 model that we drove not too long ago. This is a really fine-tuned sports sedan genesis focused a lot on the driving dynamics, really more so than a lot of the rivals, which have kind of grown, larger and softer over time.

You know this. This thing really is a genuine sports car yeah, as we turn through some of these corners. Here you can see just how tight the body stays really very limited body roll, great control with the suspension and the steering also has a nice and accurate feel it gets heavier as you go faster and go into the sport mode um, you know so it like.

I said this really does its job very well being a luxury sports sedan, which i’d, like to show off a little bit more. But it looks like we’re behind a tractor kentucky problem, but that today is certainly going to be the slam. Dunk for this model is just the driving experience the like. I said the engine coupled with just the fantastic driving experience with the 2022 Genesis G70 Sport that you’re, really missing from a lot of the german rivals.

Now uh is what it really stands out most and we’re going to talk about today.’s airball as well. For this i think it’s, going to be space, that’s, something that you can’t really change with the refresh, and this continues to be one of the smaller offerings in the class it’s.

2022 Genesis G70 Sport Price

2022 Genesis G70 Sport Price

Smaller than most of the german vehicles, as far as your back seat and your trunk and it’s, especially smaller than its sibling rival, the kia stinger with with the spore bag design. So let’s talk about the transmission, we have an eight-speed automatic transmission on board. This is a really good transmission, very smooth, but also very responsive when you get it into sport mode or do some manual shifting like what i’m doing right now and it’s worth noting the six speed manual has been discontinued.

Now so yeah that’s unfortunate, but i believe that was only with the two-liter motor anyways. It was very limited availability, and i should go ahead and mention the fuel economy for this model. So if you go for rear drive, it’s, going to be coming in at 21 miles a gallon combined to go for all-wheel drive with this turbo engine is going to be 20 miles a gallon combined and as far as the pricing is concerned,

How much the 2022 Genesis G70 Sport Price?

We’ll, be looking 2022 Genesis G70 Sport at $42.100 for the turbo 3.3 liter turbo standard model, which is actually forty one hundred dollars lower for twenty two, which that almost never happens, and then the sport advanced is going to start at forty six four and the Prestige is fifty thousand four hundred, so there’s, a lot more competitive prices this year for this model and then, as far as how this one is equipped, we have uh the middle one with the destination chart, it’s gon na come in at fifty thousand four hundred and ten dollars.

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