2025 Volkswagen ID.Buzz Microbus – Is An Electric Bus To Make Volkswagen Cool Again

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The 2025 Volkswagen ID.Buzz Microbus is a true testament to the future of electric mobility, seamlessly blending iconic retro design with cutting-edge technology. This modern-day reincarnation of the classic VW Microbus has sent shockwaves through the automotive world, and as an automotive enthusiast, I can’t help but be excited about its arrival.

2025 Volkswagen ID.Buzz Microbus

2025 Volkswagen ID.Buzz Microbus

One of the most striking features of the ID.Buzz is its unmistakable design, paying homage to the beloved Microbus of the past while embracing a futuristic aesthetic. Its clean lines, two-tone paint options, and distinctive front fascia contribute to its timeless appeal. This isn’t just a vehicle; it’s a statement of style and individuality.

In conclusion, the 2025 Volkswagen ID.Buzz Microbus is a remarkable fusion of nostalgia and innovation, offering a thrilling electric driving experience while staying true to its iconic heritage. As someone deeply passionate about automobiles, I can’t help but eagerly anticipate the arrival of this groundbreaking vehicle, which promises to redefine the way we think about electric mobility.

What do we know so far

The 2025 Volkswagen ID.Buzz Microbus is one of the most highly anticipated electric vehicles (EVs) to hit the market. Volkswagen has revived the iconic Microbus design and reimagined it for the modern era, combining classic charm with cutting-edge electric technology. While my knowledge is based on information available up to September 2021, here’s what we know about the ID.Buzz so far:

Volkswagen’s ID.Buzz will come in multiple configurations, including a passenger version and a cargo variant, catering to a wide range of needs and preferences. It will be built on the company’s MEB platform, specifically designed for electric vehicles and allowing for versatile and spacious interiors.

The exterior design draws inspiration from the classic Microbus, featuring a distinctive two-tone paint scheme, round LED headlights, and a bold VW logo. It captures past nostalgia while embracing a sleek, futuristic look.

Inside, the ID.Buzz offers a spacious and adaptable cabin. The interior is designed to maximize space and comfort, with seating configurations available for up to seven passengers in the passenger version. The cargo variant will provide ample storage capacity for businesses and individuals alike.

The ID.Buzz will be equipped with Volkswagen’s advanced driver-assistance systems, including autonomous driving capabilities. 2025 Volkswagen ID.Buzz Microbus expected to feature state-of-the-art safety technology and connectivity options, making it a versatile and user-friendly vehicle for the modern age.

Price of 2025 Volkswagen ID.Buzz Microbus

As of my last update in September 2021, Volkswagen had not officially announced the pricing details for the 2025 ID.Buzz Microbus. Pricing for electric vehicles can vary significantly depending on the trim level, battery capacity, and optional features.

It’s important to note that pricing can also change over time due to market conditions and additional information from the manufacturer.

2025 Volkswagen ID.Buzz Microbus Price

2025 Volkswagen ID.Buzz Microbus Price

To get the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information for the 2025 ID.Buzz Microbus, I recommend visiting Volkswagen’s official website or contacting a Volkswagen dealership closer to the vehicle’s release date in 2025. They will be able to provide you with specific pricing details for the various configurations and trim levels available.

Engine, Transmission, and Performance

The 2025 Volkswagen ID.Buzz Microbus is expected to be powered by an all-electric drivetrain, aligning with Volkswagen’s commitment to electric mobility.

While I don’t have access to the latest technical specifications beyond my last update in September 2021, I can provide some general information about what to expect in terms of engine, transmission, and performance for electric vehicles like the ID.Buzz.

Engine: Electric vehicles are typically equipped with electric motors rather than traditional internal combustion engines. These electric motors can vary in power output depending on the vehicle’s configuration. The ID.Buzz is likely to offer different motor options to cater to various performance needs.

Transmission: Electric vehicles often feature a single-speed transmission, simplifying power delivery and contributing to smooth acceleration. The absence of gear changes typical in traditional transmissions is a characteristic of electric vehicles.

Performance: Electric vehicles are known for their impressive acceleration due to the instant torque delivery of electric motors. The ID.Buzz is expected to offer strong performance, with quick acceleration and a smooth, quiet ride.

Additionally, it may have different driving modes to cater to various driving preferences, including an eco-friendly mode for maximizing range.

Interior, Infotainment, and Cargo

The interior of the 2025 Volkswagen ID.Buzz Microbus is designed to provide a comfortable and versatile space for passengers and cargo. Here’s what we can expect in terms of interior, infotainment, and cargo features based on general trends in electric vehicles and Volkswagen’s commitment to modern technology:

Interior: The ID.Buzz will likely feature a spacious and flexible interior, with seating configurations that can accommodate up to seven passengers in the passenger version. The cabin will emphasize comfort, with high-quality materials and ergonomic design.

Infotainment: Volkswagen typically equips its vehicles with advanced infotainment systems, and the ID.Buzz should be no exception. It may feature a large touchscreen display with intuitive controls, support for smartphone integration (such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto), and access to various apps and services. Voice control and gesture recognition technology may also be included for added convenience.

2025 Volkswagen ID.Buzz Microbus Interior

2025 Volkswagen ID.Buzz Microbus Interior

Cargo: In addition to the passenger version, Volkswagen is expected to offer a cargo variant of the ID.Buzz, catering to businesses and individuals who require ample storage space. The cargo area will likely provide a generous capacity, making it suitable for transporting goods, equipment, or luggage.

It’s worth noting that electric vehicles often benefit from a spacious interior layout due to the absence of a traditional internal combustion engine, allowing for more creative use of space.

For specific details about the interior, infotainment, and cargo features of the 2025 Volkswagen ID.Buzz Microbus, including any unique innovations or technologies, I recommend referring to Volkswagen’s official materials and specifications as they become available closer to the vehicle’s launch date. Additionally, test driving the vehicle when it becomes available will provide valuable insights into its interior comfort and functionality.

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